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"Smokin' Server"...Test results finally back; test report finally confirms that The Network Connection has the top video server in the industry.

ALPHARETTA, Ga.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Nov. 9, 1994--The Network Connection, a nationally recognized leader in the manufacturing of digital video technology has just received the test results back from the testing center at LAN Times magazine.

"Smokin Server"...Test results confirms that The Network Connection's M2V Digital Video Server ushers in true Video On Demand.

"By dropping an M2V server and a few switching hubs into your network, you can allow as many as 120 users to simultaneously view 120 different full-screen, full motion video segments, with no degradation in video resolution, frame rate, or audio and no reduction in picture size.

"It was impressive, not to mention that it's the closest thing I have seen to true motion video on demand and a simple solution that most network managers would feel comfortable integrating," said Peter Clegg of LAN Times magazine.

"TNC's M2V superserver functions just fine as a file and applications server. Where it really smokes, however, is as a video server. Most impressive is its simplicity -- nothing about its configuration would make me wary of installing it in a production environment.

"These are no new protocols, no exotic software, and no nonstandard hardware, yet you still get high-quality video," said Clegg.

"To see if TNC's claims were true, two of us hunkered down in front of two different workstations, poised to open the same video file at precisely the same moment.

"With no halts, no breaks in audio, and no picture degradation, our clips appeared, one lagging slightly behind the other, but both stations reading the same file from the same server over the same network segment at full screen resolution."

In a recent LAN Times interview that was part of the magazine's 10th birthday party video shown at Networld+Interop in Atlanta, Ethernet creator Bob Metcalfe said: "Ten Mbps to the desktop is all that will be needed for years to come." If video represents the top end of the scale for desktop bandwidth requirements, the TNC solution proves him right.

By employing the configuration, each of 120 workstations can receive video on demand from one server.

The video server is connected to a switching hub by a fiber link. Each switching hub port is connected to a minihub with four or five workstations, which provides a theoretical 1.5 Mbps to 2 Mbps for each workstation.

The workstation end requires a 386 workstation with a standard MPEG decoder card and Microsoft Windows for Workgroups, you can use the Microsoft Media Play to display the MPEG video stream.

The Network Connection first introduced the TNX-C Real Time Compression Station, The M2V Video Superserver at spring COMDEX '93.

Other products include: TNC NewsView for the news broadcast industry, Eduview for the training industry, GameView for the computer game industry, SportsView for the sports industry, Medview for the medical industry, AirTran for the airline training industry, and CineView for the theater chains.

Using newly developed Dual Pentium PCI based technology, in conjunction with existing T.R.A.C. disk array technology, the Cheetah is targeted at corporate work group training environments and can be used in all other creative environments as well.

"The same ongoing commitment to quality, reliability and performance in our data and video servers is evident in this new version," said Wil Riner, chief executive officer of The Network Connection.

In another departure from typical video strategies, their product series is available in incremental "Content Hours" ranging from 10 to over 200 hours. Add the number of simultaneous users up to 120 and you have a VHS quality full screen video system of your choice.

The Network Connection, located in Alpharetta, a suburb of Atlanta, manufactures the Triumph family of high-end performance servers for most platform environments. This eight year old company has engineered and produced the first system that delivers Real Time MPEG video compression down to the network.

TNC, has been internationally recognized by the telephony, computer and entertainment industries within the press corps. TNC has the freedom to continue to deliver groundbreaking technologies with customized turn-key solutions.

CONTACT: The Network Connection, Alpharetta
 Gary German, 800/327-4853
 404/751-0889 (fax)
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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Nov 9, 1994
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