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"Smart Sun Visor" Invention for the Self-Driving Vehicles.

San Jose, CA, October 04, 2016 --( Be Topnotch, LLC is proud to announce the company's latest highly anticipated invention related to "Smart Sun Visors" for the Self-driving vehicles, wherein Be Topnotch has been granted a patent on October 4, 2016 by USPTO (US Patent - 9,457,642). This unique smart sun visor invention is mainly targeted to be used in Autonomous vehicles...yes, Self-driving vehicles! The "Smart Sun Visor" in vehicles will have a touch screen device mounted or embedded on the sun visor and will have the ability to display different camera views such as "See me" or Selfie view, "Polarized Front View," "Rear Passengers" view, etc. on the screen of the smart sun visor. Be Topnotch, LLC strongly believes that this smart sun visor invention is a game changer and would transform the currently outdated sun visor in the vehicles into a multi-functional super-duper sun visor of the 21st century.

Here is a short YouTube video explaining this invention -

Autonomous self-driving vehicles are right around the corner with companies like Google, Tesla, Mercedes, Uber, etc. aggressively working on such vehicles, and Be Topnotch, LLC's "Smart Sun Visor" invention is very well positioned to be used in such self-driving vehicles as well as the traditional vehicles. There will be a "See me" or Selfie view on the smart sun visor, which will allow the users to see themselves on a digital screen and would provide the users the ability to take their photos and/or videos and also share those with others on social networking sites, etc. There will also be a "Polarized front view," which will show the external view which is normally blocked by the deployed sun visor, allowing the user to finally view the traffic lights, road signs, etc. without having to look from the side of the sun visor to check if the light has turned green, etc. In addition, there will also be a "Rear Passengers" view, which will allow the users to view the passengers sitting in the rear seat of the vehicle on the digital screen of the smart sun visor without having to turn back again and again.

A user of the "Smart Sun Visor" will also have the ability to take photos and/or videos of any camera views available on the smart sun visor. They will also be able to view those captured photos/videos later on sun visor's display screen as well as transmit those photos/videos wirelessly to other electronic devices, cloud storage, social networking sites, etc. Undoubtedly, this invention is a game changer and will have a huge potential for use in almost every new vehicle in near future.

Here are some of the key highlights of the Smart Sun Visor invention:

Multiple problems solved - With this invention, a number of common problems faced by vehicle users have been effectively resolved.

Solid patent claims - For the Smart sun visor invention, US Patent approval received for 4 Independent claims and a total of 28 claims.

To be used in Self-driving vehicles - This new invention is targeted to be used mainly in self-driving vehicles as well as it can also be used in any of the traditional vehicles.

International protection - In addition to US patent, Be Topnotch, LLC also has an on-going 'international" patent application, making it possible to seek this invention in 150+ other countries.

Multiple other related patent applications - The story doesn't end here, because Be Topnotch, LLC has also filed additional continuation-in-part applications for patents related to this smart sun visor invention with the clear intent to bring tons of new features on the outdated sun visors and continue to maintain its leadership position for this invention.

Unique and game changer - Be Topnotch's "Smart Sun Visor" invention is the first of its kind in the industry and is positioned very well to be a game changer nationally and internationally.

The currently granted patent as well as any continuation-in-part applications for patents and International PCT are all owned by "Be Topnotch, LLC," wherein Be Topnotch, LLC will be soon making them available for licensing mainly to the self-driving vehicle manufacturers as well as the traditional vehicle/automobile manufacturers. It won't be surprising if the self-driving vehicle companies such as Google, Tesla, Mercedes, Uber, etc. will be rushing to license this unique "Smart Sun Visor" invention for the self-driving vehicles from Be Topnotch, LLC.

Be Topnotch, LLC ( plans to bring out a number of new inventions that make a difference in people's lives. At Be Topnotch, LLC the mission is to achieve the following three things with each and every approval of their new patents for inventions:

- People should say: "It's an awesome invention!"

- Be Topnotch, LLC's team will be proud and say - "Yes, we did it!"

- Other companies, especially the Silicon Valley companies will ask - "Why didn't we think of this invention earlier?"

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Date:Oct 4, 2016
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