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"Sea Warrior" tutorial on Navy Knowledge Online.

"Sea Warrior." Sea what? Confused by all the Revolution in Navy Training, Task Force EXCEL (Excellence through Commitment to Education and Learning) and Sea Power talk these days? Well, Navy Knowledge Online (NKO) can help eliminate the confusion.

Now being featured on NKO is Sea Warrior Discovery, a tutorial developed by Navy Personnel Command (NPC) to initiate Sailors into the Navy's new approach to human resource management and development. The tutorial details the elements of Chief of Naval Operations ADM Vern Clark's Sea Power 21 Transformation Roadmap, which includes Sea Strike, Sea Shield and Sea Basing.

"We have to make sure our Sailors are not being left behind. We need to give them every opportunity to understand the changes taking place, how those changes are going to affect their careers, and then how to manage the new systems like the 5VM [5 Vector Model] and CMS [Career Management System]," said Naval Personnel Development Command (NPDC) Command Master Chief CNOCM(SS/SW/AW) Phil Russell.

Sea Warrior Discovery also covers the elements of the initiative to integrate the Navy's manpower, personnel and training functions through the 5VM and Career Management System, in a joint effort between NPC and the NPDC. Together, the 5VM and CMS will allow Sailors to more effectively define their acquired knowledge, skills and abilities, and identify future duty assignments that correlate.

To view Sea Warrior Discovery or the 5VM tutorial, and to explore the future of Navy training and education, log on to Navy Knowledge Online at

Story by JO1 Jd Walter, who is assigned to the public affairs office, Naval Personnel Development Command
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Title Annotation:Around the Fleet
Author:Walter, Jd
Publication:All Hands
Date:Nov 1, 2003
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