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"Running Mac OS X Panther.".

In the rapid evolution of Mac OS X, there have been three major releases since its introduction in March 2001. Each new release challenges the power user to conquer the learning curve once more, and Mac OS X Panther is no exception. With more than 100 new features, including a new Finder, there's plenty to master.

According to Davidson the author, this book is written for mac users or power users and assumes that readers will already have some experience with the operating system and computers in general.

The book's format is organized into three primary parts: Getting Started, an introduction to the operating system; Administration Essentials, a guide to the tools you need to examine how your system is running and adjust it when necessary; and Networking and Network Services, a look at the ways Mac OS X Panther interfaces with the world around it. Topics covered include:

--Setting up user accounts

--Scheduling tasks and monitoring the system

--Using HFS+ and the Journaled file system used by Panther

--Tweaking preferences by hacking plist files or using the defaults command

--Opening Directory and Directory Services, including NetInfo and LDAP

--Handling printer configuration and printing

--Managing networking and network services, including Rendezvous and wireless AirPort networks "Running Mac OS X Panther" dives right in and explains how Panther works.

Running Mac OS X Panther James Duncan Davidson ISBN 0-596-00500-8, 306 pages, $39.95, 28.50 [pounds sterling], 41.40 [euro]
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Date:Feb 1, 2004
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