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"Random acts of muffin kindness for Derpy Day shine like a beacon for all... Yousay IN YOUR OPINION...

For a massive amount of time I was afraid to admit that I am one of many worldwide "Bronies". What are they, you ask? Well Bronies are male fans of My Little Pony.

We understand that may seem weird at first glance. But if you look past that, and see what the toy pony characters represent, you can see we're a community who simply wish to spread good cheer and enjoyment to others.

We live in a world where murder and theft are common, people are afraid of near enough anyone on the street, based on their attire, location or even time of day.

Humanity thrives through crushed dreams and unnecessary hatred, and the internet is the worst place to harbour it all.

To me, Bronies are a beacon that symbolises that little remaining hope for unspoken kindness and harmony left to today's youth and young adults.

To demonstrate these actions, a Brony holiday was introduced, Derpy Day, which takes place on March 1, leaving me with extra pride as it shares the date of my home country's celebration, St David's Day.

The day is based around the community, celebrating a certain character named Derpy and her random acts of kindness and happiness, and her general love of muffins.

For starters, the day was for Bronies alone, a day to enjoy a muffin with other Bronies and simply meet those you thought never existed beyond internet boundaries. Until one person took it a step further.

Last year, an Australian Brony by the username of Thanqol, took the kindness and muffins to a new level, giving out 50 muffins, paid for out of his own money, to random passers-by. He has done the same this year.

His actions inspired me to do the same and after a few days of planning, I decided to ask my teachers at Mary Immaculate High School in Cardiff if I could host my own Derpy Day muffin giveaway.

They agreed, after much explanation was given about the community.

On March 1 I distributed 120 mini-muffins to a hundred or so pupils and staff within the school. But like most of the Brony community, I did this with no thought of payment or reward.

After seeing over 100 people walk away from my humble muffin table, muffin in hand and smile on their face, I too was smiling. Knowing I had made the days of others just that little bit brighter.

Another thing which plastered a permanent smile to my face was that kindness is contagious.

Once it begins to spread, others feel motivated to show feelings of generosity, too. It turns out, that after seeing the many posters around the halls and seeing students with muffins, canteen staff felt compelled to share the kindness, too. Without any spoken word from me, the canteen staff gave out muffins and milkshakes to pupils and teachers, free of charge.

After a brilliant day like that, I can only say that days like these are what I live for, the day a simple idea from a community turns into a glorious event leaving smiles across the faces of hundreds.

So spread the kindness and generosity, and know with warmth in your heart that others are doing the same all throughout the globe.

Love and tolerate.

* Jack Laverick Cardiff
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Title Annotation:Letters
Publication:South Wales Echo (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:Mar 5, 2012
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