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"RISKY drinkers" who consume more [...].

"RISKY drinkers" who consume more than the safe limits without binge-drinking or getting drunk are unknowingly increasing their chances of developing cancer, liver disease and mental health issues, according to a new report published.

More than a quarter of men are enjoying one too many - compared to only 18% of women, the study found.

The pattern is increasing with age, with nearly one in three men over 45 drinking more than they should. By contrast, the highest number of female risky drinkers are aged 16-24.

Risky drinking is higher among professionals and those with the largest household incomes.

However, there was some good news for married people - they are less likely to show mild alcohol dependence than those who are single, separated or cohabiting.

The research, called From One to Many, was released by think-tank 2020health, which called for an increased focus on addressing the problem, saying it could save the NHS pounds 124m with effective interventions costing as little as pounds 15 per patient. It said evidence shows a 10-minute session with a doctor or nurse to talk through the health risks and ways to cut down can reduce consumption by as much as five units a week.

Women are risky drinkers if they have more than one standard (175ml) glass of wine five nights a week, and men if they drink more than two pints of beer on five nights of the week.
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)
Date:Nov 7, 2011
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