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Catholic Insight has previously defended the translation in the canon of the Mass of the Latin phrase "pro multis" to "for all." Now the Vatican has ruled that in liturgical texts "pro multis" is to be translated as "for many." What is the response of Catholic Insight, a pro-papal publication, to this development given that Rome has contradicted your long-held position on this issue?

Welwyn, SK

Editor's reply: See our News in Brief item under Vatican, January 2007, p. 23. In liturgy C.I. follows wherever the Vatican takes the Church. In 1973, at the beginning of vernacular translations, the Church allowed a variance among languages about the translation of the phrase in question. Today, 33 years later, the Church thinks it better that there be unity of translation among all languages and texts about this phrase. This is just fine with us.

The letter of criticism from Theresa Smyth and Paul and Christina Tuns, (C.I., Jam 2007, pp. 4-5) of the "Show the Truth and Children" article by Amy Gordon (C.I., Nov. 2006, p. 37) has received a vigorous reaction from readers. The following three letters are the first of some 17 letters received so far. We hope to publish more in the March issue.--Editor
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Author:Janzen, Bernard
Publication:Catholic Insight
Article Type:Letter to the editor
Date:Feb 1, 2007
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