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"Please make it stop" - Piers Morgan puts on cringe-worthy Scouse accent to mock Love Island's Hayley Hughes; The GMB presenter poked fun at the Love Island reality star for 'not knowing what an earlobe is'.

Byline: Emilia Bona

Piers Morgan left his co-host Susanna Reid cringing when he put on an embarrassing Scouse accent and made fun ofLove Island contestant Hayley Hughesthis morning.

Mocking the Scouse Love Islander onGood Morning Britain, the outspoken presenter put on a high-pitched voice and started doing an impression of the former Miss British Isles.

Piers was making fun of Hayley for 'not knowing what an earlobe is', in reference tolast night's installation of Love Islandwhere Hayley seemed clueless.

At the end of the show, contestants took part in a game of 'Truth or Dare', where Hayley was dared to lick Adam's earlobe.

Seemingly puzzled by the challenge, 21-year-old Hayley said: "What's an earlobe?"

On this morning's GMB, Piers made fun of the Scouse beauty, putting on a terrible Scouse accent and saying: "Who am I? Can I lick your earlobe? It's all part of moralistic anthropology. Can I lick your earlobe? Can I love?"

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His co-hosts were visibly cringing at the embarrassing impression, until Susanna Reid finally interrupted saying: "You do know there is a summit going on right now over in Singapore."

Despite Susanna attempting to draw attention back to the G20 Summit, Piers carried on, saying: "I don't know what an earlobe is but can I lick it?"

His cringe-worthy Scouse accent prompted a mixed reaction online, with some viewers calling the impression 'hilarious'.

However, other viewers suggested Piers might be a bigger Love Island fan than he's letting on...

Taking to Twitter to share his opinions, Chris Trepte said: "It's a clever person that can do an impression of another person from a programme on television that he "never" watches. Wonder why his Twitter account tends to be fairly quiet between 9 and 10 p.m?"

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Another viewer commented: "He says he doesn't watch Love Island but he knows a lot about it and the people."

Elizabeth Bennetts said: "Oh my god what the hell is going on with Piers Morgan, he's lost the plot."

Hayley left viewers baffled once again when she revealed that she doesn't know what an earlobe is on Monday's instalment of the hit ITV2 series.

The Scouse model admitted she doesn't know what the body part is during a game of Dares in the Hidden Hills villa.


Piers Morgan left his co-host Susanna Reid cringing when he put on an embarrassing Scouse accent

Hayley was picked for a date by both Josh and Charlie in tonight's episode

Hayley was picked for a date by both Josh and Charlie in tonight's episode

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Publication:Crosby Herald (Liverpool, England)
Date:Jun 12, 2018
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