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"Our Bodies, Our Souls". (Briefly Mentioned).

Naomi Wolf

The New Republic, October 16, 1995

Naomi Wolf questions the party line on abortion advocacy for feminists. While still clearly maintaining a "pro-choice" position, she considers many of the arguments that pro-life feminists have made and finds merit in them. She proposes that the "pro-choice" argument would be strengthened by being honest and facing these problems. She makes many thoughtful points, but her conclusions rely on acceptance of violence as a solution for problems. She seems unaware of the Catch-22 she has proposed: if the problems must be faced rather than avoided, then that also weakens the "pro-choice" argument.

This article was re-printed in The New Statesman, a prominent left-wing publication in Great Britain.
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Publication:Studies in Prolife Feminism
Date:Sep 22, 1995
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