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"One-on-One, Walk & Run" program.

Walking And Running Training Plan for All Ages

In late 2002, the Board of Directors of the American Running Association (ARA) determined that the epidemic rise in obesity in America, particularly in America's youth, warranted strong and immediate action. Because the staff had already been promoting a venerable walk-run training plan to ARA members as a means to get back in shape, it seemed like a logical place to start.

The 12-week Walk-Run program was originally developed to get adults more physically active during the first "jogging" push back in the late 1960s, and trainers and coaches still consider it an effective program for all ages. Starting in 2003, the plan became associated with ARA's new program targeting adults and kids: "One-on-One, Walk & Run." The goal of the "One-on-One ..." program is to motivate parents or educators to team up with their children to get them more physically active--first by walking, then by walking and running.

How Can AMAA Members Help?

As medical and health professionals, AMAA members know first-hand that a patient who is overweight or obese is much more likely to develop serious life-threatening medical diseases like Type II diabetes and heart disease. Primary care physicians and pediatricians see this growing problem every day. One step AMAA members can take is to promote the 12-week Walk-Run program to their patients.

Parents are key role models for children. If a parent can be motivated to commit time (a primary obstacle) to the Walk-Run plan, then their child(ren) will most likely follow the lead. Please help us encourage parents and kids to get together "One-on-One" to do a Walk & Run program. The benefits they'll experience from getting fit together will be tremendous.

Join ARA's Fight to Deter Youth Obesity--One Step at a Time

The ARA Board of Directors is seeking commitments from AMAA members to join the campaign to deter and defeat the rise in obesity in America's youth. Join the Walk-Run campaign as a "Supporter" and make a $35 contribution today. Your donation will help ARA continue to send free "One-on-One, Walk & Run" kits to teachers, other educators and parents. We will send you 20 training posters and matching magnets for you to distribute to patients. Become a "Champion Supporter" for $75 and we'll send you an AMAA polo shirt and a Walk-Run kit with the posters. To make a donation to this important cause, call AMAA-ARA at 800-776-2732.
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Publication:AMAA Journal
Date:Jun 22, 2004
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