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"Nowhere to study".


I live in a small house with 14 other people. A couple of years ago, the government demolished my uncle's house during "Operation Restore Order" [a government crackdown on illegal markets and homes]. My uncle's family didn't have anywhere else to go, so now they live with us.

Our house is about 20 feet by 15 feet and is only one room. We hung up a sheet to make a wall so my uncle's family has one side, and we have the other. Most of us kids sleep outside.

The hardest part about living in such a crowded space is that there is nowhere to study. There are 10 kids in our house, and no place that is quiet. I want to be a doctor someday, so I have to study, but it is hard to concentrate.

by Sibanda, 12, in Harare
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Publication:Junior Scholastic
Date:Oct 15, 2007
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