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"Noticeable difference".

To the Editor:

As an Infant Development Specialist who has been in the field (and often sitting on the floor with a baby) for many years, I have often thought about what you expressed so eloquently in your Editor's Desk ("On Noticing a Noticeable Difference," February 2002). I have had gut feelings and puzzled about whether there was something different/wrong/worrisome in a child or whether it was just his or her individual personality. Your article is so important that I shared it with a colleague at Harbor Regional Center here in the Los Angeles area because we had been concerned about one little toddler and had been speculating along these lines.

Linda S. Dingman, MA Infant Development Specialist, CA
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Author:Dingman, Linda S.
Publication:The Exceptional Parent
Article Type:Letter to the Editor
Date:Jun 1, 2002
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