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"Noticeable difference" gains notice.

To the Editor: "On Noticing A Noticeable Difference" (Editor's Desk Feb. 2002) was an excellent editorial! The frustration with pediatricians who dismiss parents' concerns about their child's development is widespread.

In my own experience, my pediatrician repeatedly dismissed my concerns about my child's delays for more than two years. When my son hadn't started to talk by age 30 months, all that was suggested was a hearing test. It turned out he had autism. If the pediatrician hadn't been so quick to dismiss my repeated concerns, my son could have started early intervention at a younger age, which might have helped him develop to his full potential.

Some delays may be safely dismissed, but I don't see any harm in doctors' ordering tests. If things turn out normal, fine. If not, early intervention can have lifelong benefits for the child. The "let's wait and see" or "let's take a look at that in six months" approach seems outdated in today's society when there are so many resources available to children with disabilities. These resources need to be applied as early as possible in the child's life to provide the greatest benefit.
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Author:Shewan, Mary
Publication:The Exceptional Parent
Article Type:Letter to the Editor
Date:May 1, 2002
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