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"Nothing about us without us!".

The National Programs Advisory Council (NPAC) was established in 1995 to tap the ideas and opinions of the consumers of Society programs--people who live with MS everyday.

Janie Brunette, RN, MSN (Willard, Mo.)

Since her diagnosis in 1981, Council chair Janie Brunette has served several terms on her chapter's Board of Trustees. She co-founded an MS Wellness Program and used her health care administration background to create successful volunteer-driven programs.

Marla Chalnick, PhD (Charlotte, N.C.)

Marla Chalnick is "a wife, mother, psychotherapist, writer, volunteer, and person living alongside MS." A practicing therapist as well as a consumer of chapter programs, she is currently a member of her chapter's Board of Trustees, co-chair of the Clinical Advisory Committee, and a Research Advocate.

Allan Day (Pasadena, Calif.)

Allan Day is "absolutely committed to improving the lives of people with MS and their families." He has served his chapter for 10 years, helping to establish its innovative volunteer program. He is a member of his chapter's Programs Committee and Government Relations Committee.

Carole Downing, MSW, LCSW-C (Baltimore, Md.)

Carole Downing changed careers after she was diagnosed with MS, leaving the legal profession and returning to school to become a clinical social worker. She now counsels people with MS pro bono. In addition, she is the Maryland Research Advocate, a peer counselor, a serf-help group facilitator, and on her chapter's Board of Trustees.

Mary Lopez, MA (Chicago, Ill.)

Mary Lopez brings an academic perspective to the Council as a doctoral student in medical sociology at Northwestern University where she is researching the experiences of people living with chronic illness and disability. Ms. Lopez is a peer counselor, member of her chapter's Programs Committee, and adviser to the chapter newsletter.

Eve L. Lundberg, JD (Mesa, Ariz.)

Eve Lundberg's professional background includes being a cryptanalyst, or code breaker, for NATO, and 20 years as a criminal prosecutor. Now on the Programs Committee of the Desert Southwest Chapter in Arizona, she was on the Maryland Chapter Board of Trustees for more than 10 years.

Vincent "Vinny" Restituto, MBA (Bellmore, N.Y.)

Vinny Restituto is a retired Army captain and helicopter pilot who now manages a stock brokerage office. He feels his most valuable contributions to the Council come from his combination of business experience and his experiences with the gamut of MS symptoms. He serves on his chapter's Board of Trustees, the Programs Committee, Government Relations Committee, and various fundraising committees.

Judith Rosenberg, RN (La Jolla, Calif.)

A retired registered nurse, Judith Rosenberg volunteers as a self-help group leader and member of her chapter's Programs Committee. She has made recommendations for self-help groups which resulted in a new national training program for self-help group leaders and has worked on the clinical practice guidelines for treatment of MS fatigue.

Yvette Russell, PhD (West Springfield, Mass.)

Yvette Russell is the National MS Society's 1998 Mother of the Year. A first-grade teacher and certified rehabilitation counselor, Dr. Russell hopes to start her own school for children with disabilities someday.

Anne-Elizabeth Straub (Brooklyn, N.Y.)

Anne-Elizabeth Straub is "working without having a job, using abilities and skills learned over a lifetime, and having the time of my life!" A clinical social worker and teacher of the Feldenkrais method of movement, Ms. Straub facilitates support groups, serves on her chapter's Professional Advisory Committee, and will soon teach a pilot movement program.

Walter Lorenzo Walker, Phi) (Memphis, Tenn.)

Walter Lorenzo Walker brings his experience as a college president and a university associate vice-chancellor to his role on the Council. Asked about his work on this council, Dr. Walker said, "The spirit is growing in this organization and we are being lifted above the daily experience of MS."

Jim Keskeny, BBA, MBA (Pinckney, Mich.)

An ex-officio member, Jim Keskeny describes himself as fortunate to be involved in the MS movement internationally, nationally, and locally. Representing the International Federation of MS Societies, he is an informal liaison between the two organizations.

Fred Reuland is chapter programs coordinator at the Chicago-Greater Illinois Chapter.
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