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"No soil for Arab spring in Kuwait" -- Russian experts.

| MOSCOW, Jan 10 (KUNA) -- Arab Spring events will not spread to Kuwait because the people of the country enjoy high standards of living, according to a Russian researcher.

Causes of the Arab Spring events namely poverty and low level of social services do not exist in Kuwait, thus "such events have no soil to grow in Kuwait," said Vladimir Isayev, an eminent expert in Kuwaiti and Arab affairs, in an interview with KUNA.

Such popular uprisings will not take place in Kuwait because of the high standards of living, non-existence of poor segments of the society, high level of social, medical and educational services, he added.

Isayev, making the remarks on the occasion of the upcoming parliamentary elections in Kuwait, due on February 2, praised the Kuwaitis' democratic experience.

The Kuwaiti Constitution regulates the relationship among the legislative, executive and judicial authorities and (His Highness) the Amir enjoys substantial prerogatives, however these jurisdictions are not absolute.

Crucial decisions involve HH the Amir and the National Assembly, he said indicating that the democratic system in Kuwait could be developed further.

Isayev praised the substantial democratic freedoms in Kuwait, namely the liberty of speech, equality of citizens according to laws and political freedoms enjoyed by women.

Existence of opposition trends in Kuwait is a normal matter, he said, noting that "it is an impossible task to create a political system, accepted by all individuals and forces regardless how democratic it may be." For her part, Yelena Melkumyan, said the recent decision by HH the Amir, Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah, of dismissing the government and calling for early elections was in response to demands of the opposition and the civil welfare society.

Melkumyan asserted crucial role played by the National Assembly and the noticeable democratic freedoms such the freedom of expression and the ability of the opposition to take part in decision making.

Tackling political crises in Kuwait through reference to the National Constitution affirms legitimacy and maturity of the political system.

Kuwait is immune to events that have taken place in some states of the region due to various factors such as the historic customs of shifting powers and their bolstering with the constitution. (end) as.rk KUNA 100921 Jan 12NNNN

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Publication:Kuwait News Agency (KUNA)
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Date:Jan 10, 2012
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