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"New wheels" for medical school.

The University of Namibia's School of Medicine recently received two vehicles, a minibus and sedan from the University of Oulu's Faculty of Medicine in order to build the faculty's capacity.

The vehicles will be used by the students and faculty to reach teaching facilities, hospitals and more remote health centres across the country to enhance learning.

According to Prof Olli Vainio, dean of medical education at the University of Oulu, the donation comes as a result of the establishment of the MEDUNAM project, a project between the University of Namibia School of Medicine and the University of Oulu Faculty of Medicine.


The focus areas of the MEDUNAM project are medicine and medical education in Namibia.

Prof Lazarus Hangula, vice chancellor of the University of Namibia, said that the project was initiated with the aim to strive for quality education of Namibian medical doctors and expert teachers in medicine, as well as to promote a good start for research in medical and public health.

The project also seeks to enhance human resource capacity building at the university.
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Publication:Namibia Economist (Windhoek, Namibia)
Date:Feb 17, 2012
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