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"Nano bone" administered to patients. (Micro/Nano Technology).

Nanotechnology has become a formidable technology in a variety of disciplines, with medicine being one of the many fields to benefit from its innovations. Local doctors in China have recently treated 18 bone disease patients by implanting a new type of artificial bone.

The technology, called "nano bone," was developed by a group of scientists from Qinghua Univ., Beijing, China, headed by Cui Fuzhai. Unlike present nanotechnology, the team cites that this novel type differs from other iterations because this type of material disintegrates over time.

According to the group, "once the artificial bone is implanted, the human bone corpuscle grows and "scrambles" into the man-made biological structure. The bone-dissolving corpuscle then "consumes" the artificial bone, and the bone-forming corpuscle builds up the new human bone, step by step. Eventually, the entire artificial implant is absorbed by the human body and replaced by human bone corpuscle." The technology is already slated for use in Chinese military hospitals.

Qinghua Univ.


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Title Annotation:artificial bone implants
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Date:Jun 1, 2003
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