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"My message to you is get out of Cyprus as soon as you can" - Ellinas.

If young Cypriots want to have any chance of being employed in the island's natural gas industry, they need to leave the country now, the head of the Cyprus National Hydrocarbons Company Charles Ellinas advises.

"My message to you is get out of Cyprus as soon as you can. Go to the UK, to the Middle-East to get experience because without it you will be unemployable," Ellinas told students at a talk on Oil and Gas Developments in the Region of Cyprus - Job Opportunities and Educational Needs at Frederick University.

Also speaking at the event were Symeon Kassianides, the CEO of Hyperion Systems Engineering Group and Dr Richard Burns, a visiting lecturer.

Since news of the gas find in Cyprus broke local universities have jumped on the bandwagon hoping to churn out gas experts by the time reserves start coming onshore, ostensibly around 2020.

However, the message from the three experts to eager students was clear: when the island's reserves start to come in, the positions available for locals will initially be mainly for unskilled and semi-skilled workers.

All three agreed that companies coming in would need a lot of motivation to hire local staff. Noble Energy, ENI/KOGAS and Total, the three companies who own drilling rights, are currently contributing E1.5m towards degrees related to the oil and gas industry but the experts say this may not be enough to boost jobs in the short to medium term reports Cyprus Mail.
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Date:Sep 22, 2013
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