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"My goodness, such bitterness!".

I think I understand what the word "journalism" means and what the word "review" means. Within the normal context of what those two words mean when placed together, I cannot fathom what the tirade about non-union referees has to do with your mission. With about 8 percent of the private sector workers unionized, (Christian Science Monitor, 11/05/09) isn't it a little late and a little sad to keep pounding on the topic of whether a worker is evil if not a union member (Joe Pollack column, SJR#315). It seems futile and insulting to denigrate the 92 percent of workers who are not union members with the term "scab." Since your audience would appear to be more than former staff members of the P-D or Globe and, therefore, predominantly non-union, maybe Mr. Pollack could find other topics to fulminate over. "Toxic waste dump." My goodness. Such bitterness!

Jim Hentschell

Creve Coeur, MO

Writer's Response

Mr. Hentschell:

Although you may understand what "journalism" and "review" mean, you miss badly on "scab," which does not refer to union members in general, but to non-union workers who take jobs that entail crossing picket lines, also known as strikebreakers. It is not evil not to be a union member. It is evil to be a scab, and therefore deserving of fulmination.

Joe Pollack
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Title Annotation:letters
Author:Hentschell, Jim
Publication:St. Louis Journalism Review
Article Type:Letter to the editor
Date:Nov 1, 2009
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