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"Live" customer support, MLD integrated into OTS.

Two powerful new capabilities are now available in the One Touch Support (OTS) system--Customer Relationship Management (CRM) integration, and automated requisition tracking and collaboration via My Logistics Dashboard (MLD).

OTS now provides access to "live" customer support from Global Distance Support Center (GDSC) and Logistics Support Center (LSC) customer service representatives 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

"The capability allows users to submit support requests from OTS directly to the GDSC and LSC via a new interface to the Navy's CRM system," said OTS Program Manager, Mike Zabarouskas of Commander, Fleet and Industrial Supply Centers (COMFISCS). "Unlike the traditional method of requesting support by phone, fax or e-mail, OTS support requests create permanent Web records that can be viewed and shared."

The original OTS requestor as well as other support activities, such as a CLASSRON, port engineers, or Information Storage Industry Center (ISIC), can check the latest status or follow up with new information or requirements online.

OTS has now taken the next step towards enhancing and personalizing the logistics workplace. As a Web-based system, OTS provides customers with online requisitioning, technical screening, asset visibility, shipment status, and requisition status information.

"With the addition of MLD, logisticians can monitor the status of requisitions using a watch list containing their high visibility asset needs," said Zabarouskas. "MLD also enables complete collaboration between fleet users, immediate superior in command, expeditors, and customer support representatives in providing proactive logistics information."

MLD consists of four tabbed Web pages, which enable users to automatically track selected requisitions in the form of an individual watch list; track high-priority requisitions submitted via OTS and all watched requisitions for entire unit identification codes (UICs); create user collaborative notes attached to individual requisitions; create and track online support requests to the GDSC for follow-up and other types of assistance; and track support requests to the GDSC by unit identification code.

RDML Ray Berube, Commander, COMFISCS, is excited about the collaboration possibilities that these new OTS capabilities enable. "Improving collaboration and customer support to solve fleet user issues is critical to the COMFISCS mission," said Berube.


MLD magnifies the power of OTS, which provides access to more than 25 different systems for supply logistics transactions with a single, secure, PKI-enabled log-on.

"More than six million supply transactions and logistics queries occur in the OTS system each year, said Zabarouskas. "Almost half of the calls the GDSC receives deal with the three major supply logistics functions of asset availability, requisition input, and requisition status that are provided by OTS. In fact, many of the support requests that the GDSC receives are satisfied by customer service representatives using OTS."

According to Zabarouskas, OTS provides Naval Supply Systems Command's lowest-cost method of providing logistics customer service to the fleet.

"One goal of CRM integration and MLD is to increase awareness of the OTS system and enable as many customers to resolve issues on their own using OTS and, when they can't, to provide a quick and easy way to elevate the problem to where it can."

To register and use OTS, go to, or e-mail your questions and comments to
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Publication:Navy Supply Corps Newsletter
Date:Nov 1, 2007
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