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"Listen to the will of the people and make Clifton Street two-way once again; Yousay IN YOUR OPINION...

IN 2008 Cardiff council, with a grant from the Welsh Assembly, undertook the job of improving Clifton Street in Adamsdown. The work they did improved the appearance of the street but, against the advice of many including myself, they made the disastrous decision to make the street one-way to traffic.

This has changed the street from a busy trading street to one where traders are finding it hard to make a living.

Two years ago, nearly every business in the street signed a petition requesting it go back to two-way traffic but the council has turned down all our requests and shown no concern for the hardship they have caused to so many.

My wife Sylvia and I opened the Danish Bacon Shop in 1970, which we owned until 2006 when we sold the business to retire. During that time, we loved being part of the life of Clifton Street and we are not happy to see what the council has done to the street and the area.

I always thought politicians were supposed to be "servants of the people", but in this case they have behaved more like dictators.

After the council elections on May 3, I very much hope we will have an administration which will listen to the will of the people and change Clifton Street back to two-way traffic as soon as possible.

I will carry on fighting for this until common sense prevails and the street is once again "open to all".

Best wishes to all our old customers and friends.

* John Evans Rhiwbina Cardiff


* Clifton Street in Adamsdown
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Title Annotation:Letters
Publication:South Wales Echo (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:Apr 30, 2012
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