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"Le Fauvisme ou 'l'epreuve du feu'".


Is this loan exhibition a bid for long lines and clicking turnstiles? On paper, at least, it seems to boast a good enough selection from the French "wild beasts" - Matisse, Derain, Vlaminck, et al. are present and accounted for - but it is neither the big, scholarly show that is long overdue nor a sharp dive into the essentials of this intense, short-lived movement. Watering down the selection of French paintings are works by Kirchner, Kandinsky, Larionov, Mondrian, and others, all admittedly stunned by Fauvism though not part of it. Worth a visit just the same for Matisse's Le Luxe II, 1907, from Copenhagen, his Danse II, 1909-10, from St. Petersburg, and the great Derains of London. Oct. 28, 1999-Feb. 27, 2000.
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Date:Sep 1, 1999
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