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"Landscape and Ecological Engineering," "EcoHealth" and Metabolomics" from Springer.

Springer (New York) has begun the publication of three new journals, including "Landscape and Ecological Engineering," "EcoHealth" and "Metabolomics." All three titles will be published quarterly.

Launched in May, "Landscape and Ecological Engineering" is being published in cooperation with the International Consortium of Landscape and Ecological Engineering in the interests of protecting and improving the environment in face of biodiversity loss, desertification, global warming and related environmental conditions. Editorial covers all aspects of conservation, restoration and the management of ecosystems and includes articles on such topics as effects of landscape pattern changes, satellite tracking and conservation, urban restoration projects, landscape design, wetlands ecosystems and restoring natural forests. An annual subscription costs $328 for institutions and $170 for individuals.

"EcoHealth" is designed to be a forum for research and information on ecology, health and sustainability. It includes content covering a wide variety of topics, including public health practice and human and veterinary medicine, conservation and ecosystem management, and rural and urban development and planning. It also covers global environmental degradation, emerging infectious diseases, assessments of ecosystem health, population displacement for ecological disasters and land use change. An annual subscription costs $358 for institutions and $165 for individuals.

"Metabolomics" (metabolites represent the end products of genetic expression and the analysis of large numbers of metabolites has been termed metabolomics) publishes research in the areas of: the development of various technology platforms for metabolomics, profiling and fingerprinting; improvements in data preparation, storage and analyses; comparative studies within a systems biology context; and, the application of metabolomics in all organisms. An annual subscription costs $255 for institutions and $118 for individuals.
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Date:Jun 30, 2005
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