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"Labyrinth and Identities: Brazilian Photography, 1946-1998".


All the hype (or, if you're above cynicism, growing awareness) concerning Brazilian photography might prompt one to keep expectations low for this survey of thirty-one artists. But the reputation of curator Rubens Fernandes Jr., director of Sao Paulo's Fundacao Arnando Alvares, recommends this selection of some 160 works, among them Cristiano Mascaro's urban views; Geraldo de Barros's Constructivist experiments; lush color photos by Miguel Rio Branco; and Valdir Cruz's and Pierre Verger's ethnological portraits. Here, avant-garde aesthetics, nationalism, and the fury of industrialization have been filtered through both native and foreign lenses. Oct. 23, 1999-Jan. 30, 2000.
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Publication:Artforum International
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Date:Sep 1, 1999
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