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"La Bat" promotion boosts spring sales.

Labatt's U.S.A. announced its early summer on- and off-premise "La Bat" promotion to increase sales for its brands during May and June.

"This promotion has both on-and off-premise elements designed to provide wholesalers with high impact promotional tools to drive Labatt sales," stated Judy Cunningham, Labatt's brand manager.

The promotion's off-premise display highlights Labatt's Blue and Blue Light along with the Blue "La Bat" consumer offer. During the two month campaign, consumers may purchase a Blue or Silver softball bat. "The headline, |Take these out to La Ball Game,' is a call to action to encourage consumers to buy Labatt's," Cunningham explained.

For on-premise accounts, several "Bar Baseball" elements will be available, including table tents offering "La Pitcher" and "La Catcher" glassware, baseball-shaped coasters with baseball trivia, and posters announcing "Labatt's Bar Baseball Nights. "

"We're excited about these new promotional tools designed to drive both bottle and draft sales," Cunningham concluded.
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Title Annotation:Labatt's USA Inc.
Publication:Modern Brewery Age
Date:Apr 6, 1992
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