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"Justice for Khojaly" exhibition opens in Istanbul subway station.

February 17 2012 (TUR) -- Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) Youth Forum has opened an exhibition of photos and paintings in Istanbul within the framework of an international campaign titled ''Justice for Khojaly''. The exhibition takes place at the Taksim Metro Station Exhibition Hall. Azerbaijan's Consul General in Istanbul, Hasan Zeynelow, said, "A town with a population of 10 thousand was exterminated by Armenians 20 years ago. What happened in Khojaly fully conforms to the provisions of genocide according to the United Nations. Those people were killed just because of their Turkish race. We, as Turkey and Azerbaijan, have to urge the world to get our rights. France approved a legislation, which is against the democratic human rights. It should be a lesson to us and we have to exclaim what really happened in Khojaly. It was a real massacre." -A genocide against humanity- Intigam Babayev, Deputy Minister of Youth and Sport of Azerbaijan, told, "Khojaly massacre was not only committed against Azerbaijani people but also against humanity. The countries, who valued the 'so called' Armenian genocide allegations, do not take action for Khojaly where the genocide was executed as the world witnessed." Halil Akinci, Secretary General of Cooperation Council of Turkic-Speaking Countries, expressed that Khojaly massacre which had happened just 20 years ago was not being remembered today but they were caring Armenian allegations which referred to the events 100 years ago. They were trying to overwrite the history. Akinci said, "You can not find even a Turk in many of cities where Turks were the major in terms of language and population in the 19th century. The 20th century taught us that we forgot what others have done to us. " Azerbaijani parliamentarian Ceyhun Osmanli told, "Today, many nations live together both in Azerbaijan and Turkey and also in Georgia. But you can not find any other nation in Armenia except Armenians."

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Publication:Anadolu (Eskisehir, Turkey)
Date:Feb 17, 2012
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