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"Journal of Trading" from Institutional Investor.

Institutional Investor (New York) has begun the publication of "The Journal of Trading" with a Winter 2006 issue. The new title will be published quarterly and an annual subscription costs $395.

The new title is being targeted to traders, portfolio managers and other professional investors, senior practitioners and analysts who need information on the latest research and analytics involving trading and investments. Content is designed to offer commentary, analysis and advice on institutional investing and carries articles and features on: reviewing and measuring trade execution performance, pre- and post-trade analysis and transaction cost analysis, commission allocations and trading strategies, and controlling transaction costs.

The premier issue includes stories and articles on: creating a hierarchy of trading decisions, algorithmic decision-making, execution benchmarks, execution strategies, comparative trading performance, sell-side algorithmic trading and a discussion of the SEC's Regulation NMS.

Institutional Investor's Journals division also produces "Journal of Alternative Investments," "Journal of Derivatives," "Journal of Fixed Income," "Journal of Investing," "Journal of Portfolio Management," "Journal of Private Equity," "Journal of Structured Finance" and "Journal of Wealth Management."
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Publication:Business Publisher
Date:Feb 14, 2006
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