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"Journal of East Asia and International Law" from Korea.

The Yijun Institute of International Law (YIIL; Seoul, Korea), an international law institute established in 2007 to focus on East Asian regional affairs, has begun the publication of the "Journal of East Asia and International Law," a new journal designed to promote research and scholarship on East Asian legal issues and their international implications. It will initially be published twice a year and an annual subscription costs $60.

The YIIL said the new title covers all developments and issues related to international and comparative law applicable to East Asia, written by practitioners and scholars from both within and outside the region. The journal seeks to expand the purview of legal scholarship and to develop new ways of thinking about transnational law, politics and bilateral relations.

Editorial content focuses not only on the region and regional issues but also on Korea, Japan, China and Japan with additional coverage of countries such as Indonesia, the Philippines, and Vietnam.

The first issue of the new journal includes articles on: East Asia at the Hague Peace Conference, contract practice and law in Japan, human rights conditionality in international economic relations from a Chinese legal perspective, copyright as international cultural policy and copyright enforcement in China, disaster management and the Tampere Convention, the legal status of stem cell research in Korea, and the legal status of Taiwan in the World Health organization from both the Taiwanese and Chinese perspectives. It also includes a discussion of judicial wisdom and a report of regional treaties.
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Date:Jun 1, 2008
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