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"Journal of Business & Technology Law" from U. of MD.

In October, the University of Maryland School of Law (College Park, MD) began the publication of the "Journal of Business & Technology Law," a new journal that focuses on matters "at the intersection of business and technology, where legal issues are pervasive and increasingly complex," the school said. It will be published twice a year and an annual subscription costs $30.

The journal is designed to offer analysis of leading decisions by emerging business and technology courts nationwide. Almost 20 in number, the courts represent an increasing number of states that are taking an "innovative approach to judicial decision-making," the school said. Articles by academics, judges and practitioners will include the latest information and developments on business and intellectual property issues.

The premier issue includes articles on fund governance, mutual fund governance, alternative structures and strategies for investors, late trading and market timing, an overview of The Martin Act, proxy voting, theories on the rise of conglomerate mergers, and an overview of investor rights.
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Date:Jan 1, 2007
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