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* What do exhibitors expect from the upcoming American Coatings Show? What are the industry's trends, and what will they put on display in Indianapolis? We asked some of the participating companies to share their thoughts.

Eric Dumain, Arkema

Coating Resins

1. What do you think will be the trends at the upcoming ACS?

Global corporate consolidation will likely be one of the hottest topics at ACS, following the major acquisitions we've seen in the past two years. This market consolidation will change how many companies do business, as well as redefine many supplier and formulator relationships.

Another important topic will be increased volatility in the supply chain, driving the need for stronger strategic relationships and communications between resin manufacturer and formulators, as well as between formulators and end users as demand grows and supply fluctuates worldwide.

2. What would you personally like to see at the show?

For Arkema, the show is all about personal connections. In 2017, we formalized our strength in customer relationships under the phrase "Good Things Happen When Chemistry Gets Personal." The ACS is important to us because we are able to interact with many of our customers there in important ways. We look at the show as a venue where the free flow of information and ideas is given the attention it deserves.

What we want, from all events like this one, is to walk away from the show with the knowledge and relationships needed to better identify global industry and customer needs. That empowers us to develop products that excel across geographies and that our customers can leverage to make their operations more efficient and cost effective.

3. What will you be exhibiting at the ACS?

We will be showcasing a wide range of products, including:

--Arkema Coating Resins, including a complete range of solutions based on aqueous polymer emulsions, opacifiers, aqueous or solvent-based alkyds and acrylics, oil free polyester resins, polyester polyols, powder polyester resins, and additives for solvent-based systems;

--Coatex Rheology Modifiers for aqueous formulations and water-borne processes;

--Kynar PVDF Coatings and Resins

--Arkema Acrylic Monomers with unique properties that extend product life, allow water-based formulations without solvents, and contribute to a cleaner environment;

--"Orgasol" and "Rilsan" Fine Powders for polyamide powder coatings and coating additives;

--"Luperox" Organic Peroxide

--CECA brand molecular sieves and filtration products;

--Sartomer Photocure Resins, including acrylate/methacrylate monomers, oligomers and other specialty chemicals.

Jonathan Bird, Lubrizol



1. What do you think will be the trends at the upcoming ACS?

We expect to see continued focus on environmental sustainability of coatings, including lowering VOCs, reducing hazardous ingredients, and inclusion of bio-sourced materials. We expect to see emphasis on water-borne technologies, with a drive to improve performance capabilities. Finally, we expect a continued focus on aesthetics, including color development, gloss control, surface texture and feel, while making it simpler to achieve and control such effects.

2. What would you personally like to see at the show?

We hope to see a high level of attendance with a great deal of curiosity and willingness to participate in discussions on coming trends and new innovations! We look forward to plenty of great information exchanged on the show floor. To support this, we will present technical papers at the conference, as well, and product spotlight presentations on new products and performance capabilities. We'll also have technical experts in our booth to further illuminate our latest innovations.

3. What will you be exhibiting at the ACS?

We will showcase new water-borne hyper-dispersant technologies with improved coloristic and film property performance. We'll feature breakthrough "Aptalon" polyamide technology for long-lasting durability in water-borne coatings, including a new version with inherent matting for low-gloss applications. We'll also exhibit new water-borne resins for improved corrosion protection and new post-addable technology for matting and texturing in powder coatings.

Jeff Carr, Active Minerals

1. What do you think will be the trends at the upcoming ACS?

New technology for low VOC and environmentally friendly coatings solutions.

2. What would you personally like to see at the show?

Diverse customer base to identify new sales prospects.

More coatings chemist, further our contacts in the industry and learn directly from our customer base about their interests as it pertains to the application benefits we offer.

Raw material suppliers and distributors: We like to learn of their new products and applications to determine where we might have synergies or competition.

New trends in coatings technology to identify how it may affect our business.

3. What will you be exhibiting at the ACS?

Our "Min-U-Gel 400" and "Acti-Gel 208" products that are rheology modifiers, syneresis control agents and suspension agents plus our "Acti-Min PG" air-float kaolin product that is a low-cost alternative to higher cost water-washed kaolins.
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