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"Incurable" erythromelagia, "irrereparable" eye injury, fatigue.

After nearly saving my wife's life from stage 4 breast cancer with the Gerson therapy, I had learned too much about nutrition to ever return to bad eating habits. For the following year I stuck to the basic principles, I had about two juices a day, ate only organic, and had lots of fresh, raw fruit and vegetables. The microwave was gone, as were chemicals of any kind on the skin. Salt and fat and most animal protein disappeared from the diet. In the first few months my erythromelagia was totally gone. It is supposedly incurable. The symptom was burning in the feet. I would have to walk barefoot in the snow before going to bed so that I could sleep through the night. At work I had two pair of shoes and at least eight pair of socks, and changed my socks and shoes throughout the day. It had become a noticeable problem about five years prior, and was getting worse with each year. What a relief to have that gone!

But that was not all. I had an eye injury from a rock. The lens in the eye was "damaged beyond repair" and two eye surgeons said the same thing ... that there was no chance of healing. They wanted to schedule cataract surgery to replace the lens. My vision with this eye was so poor that I could not count the lines of double-spaced print. There was no eyeglass lens that would help. As it turned out, I had to postpone the eye surgery for a year because of the need to tend to my wife. During this year I learned about the Gerson therapy, so I postponed the surgery six more months after her passing while I tried the Gerson health principles. My vision improved to where I could cancel the surgery! My eye has continued to heal, and now three years later I can not only see clearly with eyeglasses, but can read without glasses with that eye!

And that is still not all. Aches and pains went away, as well as a back injury. Youthful vigor returned. At 59 years old I can work all day with a chainsaw and feel great with no soreness.

Then I met and married another woman, Mary Elizabeth, who was already a vegetarian. She readily embraced my diet. In a year the age spots on her face have disappeared. It is thrilling to have a new lease on life!

Charlotte, my wife is reading the biography of your dad and is thoroughly enjoying it. I keep having her give me an update as she reads along. Both you and your dad are remarkable people to work so hard to share so much truth to help people. It is truly a calling from God. It is great that your son [Howard Straus] continues the work. Thank you all very much.

Best regards, Eric J. and Mary E. Ellis

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Title Annotation:Eric Recovers from Multiple Health Problems
Author:Gerson, Charlotte
Publication:Gerson Healing Newsletter
Geographic Code:1USA
Date:Mar 1, 2010
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