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"I wouldn't pay any of them in washers never mind their golden handshakes; Yousay IN YOUR OPINION.

So here we go again another politician has been very handsomely rewarded for breaking the law. Mick Bates Lib Dem Assembly member was awarded pounds 43,000 as a golden handshake after being found guilty of assault on a paramedic, who was trying to help him after a drunken night out. What an absolute disgrace, whoever authorised this payment should be sacked. Carrying out an assault on any person unless provoked should carry at least a minimum jail sentence. Not only that be we now find, thanks to the Echo, 22 outgoing AMs have received what are called resettlement grants from pounds 51,000 to pounds 29,000 in payments.What an utter disgrace. Why is the taxpayer funding these parasites when they leave their jobs at their own free will. Jenny Randerson's comments beggar belief to say it was part of the system so she abided by the system.

Alan Cairns, who received just over pounds 29,000, claims he only took one salary but he took the money because Rhodri Morgan, Dafydd Wigley and others also took a payment. If those two and others would have jumped into the dock would he have followed? We have pensioners who can't afford to heat their homes and buy food, many thousands of government employees are losing their jobs, or being forced to take a pay cut, the sick and disabled are losing benefits thanks to this Government's policies. Don't forget Alan Cairns is a proud member of this Government. These payments must be abolished with immediate effect. If the AMs lose their seats then tough, it's their decision to become politicians. No more taxpayer-funded payouts must go to these layabouts. Other than that give us, the people of Wales, a vote on abolishing the Assembly, so we can get rid of all these parasites. You politicians are a disgrace to the people you represent. I wouldn't pay any of you in washers. * DJ Radford Coleridge Crescent, Barry


* Disgraced AM Mick Bates
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Title Annotation:Letters
Publication:South Wales Echo (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:Apr 16, 2012
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