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"I do" to pre-nups.

The article on prenuptial agreements in your June issue was an eye opener. I always thought it was unromantic to address such an issue when you are so much in love and have dreams of spending the rest of your life with someone. I see, however, that you really have to bare your soul to your partner to do a proper pre-nup--if you have nothing to hide, you really should not be scared by a pre-nup at all. Thank you so much for the article. It changed my whole outlook. I now know the facts, and I now see that pre-nups are a must for all of us who are already making excellent salaries, in order to protect our futures.

Victoria Z.

Pittsburgh, PA

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Title Annotation:READERS WRITE
Author:Z., Victoria
Publication:Celeb Staff Magazine
Date:Aug 1, 2007
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