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"Higher Returns from Safe Investments".

"Higher Returns from Safe Investments," by Marvin Appel (Pearson/FTPress, 2010).


Appel is a thoughtful investor and writer, besides being a man who likes fixed income. His idea of risky is 25% carefully selected equities or 25% high-yield bond investing (both mixed, of course, with fixed income).

In the pages of "Higher Returns," I found SIT U.S. Government Securities (SNGVX), a fund that had its worst drawdown from 1998 to 2009--and it was only 2%. And yet, it had an SEC yield of 4.8% in late 2009. (It was 2.92% on Nov. 9; compare that with CDs, savings accounts or whatever).

Appel writes about preferred stocks, ETFs and municipal bonds. Most will like his high-yield bond strategy with stop-loss (actually, trailing stops) protection. The author is all about making money with low risk, a good thing.
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Date:Jan 1, 2012
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