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Heavy, Inc. (, the web's leading independent online video company, has launched the Heavy Men's Network, the first premium male-focused online video network. At launch, the Heavy Men's Network features flagship site (, along with leading men's destinations, including (; Newgrounds, Inc. ( , Quincy D. Jones III's QD3 ( and Vidshadow, Inc. (, to be quickly followed by additional men's media brands.

"In joining forces as the Heavy Men's Network, this premier band of online video publishers focused on the male audience will deliver brand advertisers the most engaged male audience to be found anywhere on the Web," said Eric Hadley, Chief Marketing Officer of Heavy. "The creation of the Heavy Men's Network is a vital step in continuing to provide the male audience with the best video content, while offering online men's destinations the opportunity to monetize their video in the same way Heavy has enjoyed for years."

The Heavy Men's Network will employ the Husky Network's ( highly engaging and effective video ad units throughout-known as "Video Skins"-allowing publishers the opportunity to monetize their video by wrapping any video player (not only Heavy's player, but also those from YouTube, Revver, Google, etc.) with a premium, high-CPM ad unit specifically designed for brand advertisers. The Husky Network ( is a premium video advertising network that provides brand advertisers with hand-selected premium publishers and bloggers.

"Until now, advertising networks have traditionally focused only on quantity," continued Hadley. "The Heavy Men's Network extends this focus to also include the quality and differentiation of the ads-such as the size and placement-to ensure 100% share of voice for our advertisers. We believe that by giving the end user the videos they want, and giving the advertiser a clutter-free environment with one big ad that combines the best of video and display, the Heavy Men's Network is providing the most unique experience in the online video space."

"Heavy has the ideal recipe for effective video advertising and has a strong track record of bringing the right eyes to the right ads," said Quincy D. Jones III, founder of QD3. "The Heavy Men's Network is a fresh, exciting and powerful channel for QD3 and our audience."

"Since partnering with Husky last August, Heavy's premium video ad network, we have seen a quantity and quality of brand advertisers on Newgrounds that is nothing short of amazing," said Tom Pulp, Founder of Newgrounds, Inc. "We are proud to extend our relationship with Heavy into being a part of the Heavy Men's Network."

At launch, the Heavy Men's Network includes premier properties such as: (, one of the web's leading consumer video companies and the leader for 18-34 year old males. (, the Banquet Action Sports Digital Network. BNQT is an action sports video community destination covering more than eight different sports categories, including skateboarding, snowboarding, surfing, freestyle motocross, BMX biking, wakeboarding, free-skiing and mountain biking.

Newgrounds ( is the original--and still the largest--Flash portal on the web, and allows anyone anywhere to submit Flash games and have them appear on the site instantly.

bQD3 (, was founded in 2002, by Quincy D. Jones III, and is the leading independent urban multi-platform media and entertainment company. The company produces, aggregates and distributes original urban programming across online, DVD, television, VOD, mobile and theatrical platforms.

Vidshadow, Inc. (NASDAQ: VIDS.PK <; is a fast-growing Internet video business that features high-quality, premium content across a broad range of subjects and genres. The company is comprised of The Vidshadow Platform Group, The Vidshadow Media Group, and The Vidshadow Content Group.

About Heavy, Inc.

Heavy, Inc. ( includes, one of the Web's leading video brands and the leader for 18-34 year old guys, and Husky Network, a premium video ad network.

For more information, visit ( is one of the web's leading consumer video companies and the leader for 18-34 year old males, which is a key demographic for marketers and advertisers. Heavy combines its own unique original programming with those of its users to create an environment where you can control and even participate in your own personal video experience. Heavy's original programming staples include "Superficial Friends," "Kung Fu Jimmy Chow," "The Massive Mating Game," "The Burly Sports Show," and "Behind the Music that Sucks." Heavy's original programming is available on Verizon V-Cast, Verizon FiOS, Comcast VOD, TiVo, Sony PSP, Apple iPod and Joost. Advertisers on the broadband network include Coors, Nissan, Panasonic, Diesel, Axe, Sony and Nike.

Husky Network ( , a premium video advertising network, provides brand advertisers with hand-selected premium publishers and bloggers who use Husky's highly engaging and effective video ad units.

For more information, call 212/561-7454.
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