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"Gutsy" call by Museum of Natural History.

The American Museum of Natural History, New York, has introduced an original card game in conjunction with its exhibition, 'The Secret World Inside You," which is on view through Aug. 14. While working on the development of the exhibit, co-curator Susan Perkins, an avid tabletop game enthusiast, pioneered an idea to create a card game allowing players to learn about the community of microbes that live in our stomach, known as the gut microbiome. Gutsy is based on the various ways we interact with those microbes on a daily basis, and turns those interactions into a fun and educational card game.

The object is for players to attempt to be first to create a healthy gut by diversifying their gut microbiome, which is influenced by what we eat and drink, with whom we interact, and the medicines we take. Two to four players draw from a common card deck, collecting microbes and pathogens to build their respective guts.

Examples of card subjects include: Kiss (a single kiss can transfer up to 80,000,000 bacteria between two people); Antibiotics (broad spectrum antibiotics work against many different kinds of bacteria, including the good ones); and Fecal Transplants (transplanting microbes from a healthy donor into someone with chronic bowel disease, a process known as a Fecal Microbiota Transplant). Players can use Event Cards (like Adopt a Puppy or Mass Food Poisoning, and others) to disrupt an opponent's hand. The first player to have six different kinds of gut microbes wins. The game is intended for players ages eight and up. Go to to learn more.

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Date:May 1, 2016
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