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"Green" stabilizers for wire and cable.

Therm-Chek RC 376P and Therm-Chek RC 377P are calcium-zinc powder stabilizers designed to replace tribasic lead sulfate on a part-for-part basis in general-purpose wire and cable-jacketing applications. From the Polymer Additives Division of Ferro Corp., the two new nonlead, mixed-metal heat stabilizers are reported to offer environmentally friendly alternatives to traditional lead stabilizers and "significantly" reduce formulation costs in finished compounds on a volume basis.

Previously, the company's family of nonlead stabilizers for the wire and cable industry primarily served high-performance applications, because lead has been comparatively low in cost. According to Ferro, ThermChek RC 376P and 377P represent an advance in making nonlead, mixed-metal stabilizers a cost-competitive, "green" alternative to lead, thus affording manufacturers of wire and cable in competitive markets such as construction the ability to use environmentally friendly products and reduce exposure to lead in their workplaces. While the specific gravity of tribasic lead sulfate is 6.4, that of Therm-Chek 376P and 377P is less than one-third that amount, and their correspondingly lower densities yield a lower cost per unit volume in the overall formulation.

Ferro Corp., Polymer Additives Division, 7061 East Pleasant Valley Road, Independence, OH 44131-5543; (216) 641-8580; fax (216) 750-1416;
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Title Annotation:Materials
Author:Blanco, Alice
Publication:Plastics Engineering
Date:Nov 1, 2004
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