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"Greasemonkey Hacks'.

--If the Web is really the information super highway, then surely the web browser is the car that navigates the streets. And what's a car without a personalized license plate, chosen color, or customized interior?

The same goes for the web browser. In just a short time, Greasemonkey, the hot new Firefox extension that allows people to write scripts that alter the web pages they visit, has achieved a cult-like following to rival that of any muscle car or mint condition classic Chevy. With Grease monkey, you can create scripts that make a web site more usable, fix rendering bugs that site owners cant be bothered to fix themselves, or add items to a web sites menu bar. With 'Greasemonkey Hacks' (Pilgrim, O'Reilly), you get an invaluable compendium of 100 ingenious hacks to alter pages to do anything from working better with technologies that make a web page speak out loud, to converting a page to Braille. 'Greasemonkey Hacks' provides complete, fully developed user scripts you can use to modify web pages, the tools to customize these scripts, and the guidance to develop your own scripts from scratch.

Whether your are an experienced web developer or a novice with no Java Script experience, you'll learn how to:

--Install, configure, and debug your first Greasemonkey script

--Insert links into web pages, fix broken pop-up links, and follow links without clickIng them

--Beautify the Web by enhancing fonts, images, tooltips, lists, and tables

--Intercept and modify web forms, generate developer reports, and debug Ajax web applications

--Make search engines auto-complete your search terms, prefetch your results, and remember where you've been-without invading your privacy!

--Add accessibility features that make sites easier to read and navigate

--Download embedded movies, automate site registrations, and route around brain-dead browser snffers Applied Software Project Management'

--Many software organizations have problems delivering quality software that's finished on time and meets its users' needs. Fortunately, the root causes of these problems are few and easily understood.

Solutions to the problems have been discovered, explained, and tested in thousands of software organizations around the world. For the most part the solutions are straightforward and easy to implement. And yet, software projects continue to fail. The high incidence of failure might seem puzzling to some or even preordained, but longtime software developers Andrew Stellman and Jennifer C Treme know that them are tried and tree techniques that can help any project manager. 'Avoiding these pitfalls is not hard,' they explain, "but it's not necessarily intuitive." In their new book, "Applied Software Project Management' (O'Reilly), they share tools, techniques, and practical advice to get projects on track and keep them there.

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Title Annotation:IT News
Publication:Database and Network Journal
Date:Feb 1, 2006
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