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"Good and evil." (poem)

A world voyages through the heart that feels passion, And the earth revels in a many-splendored dress. Some give their lives for the good of the populace; For personal gain, some will sell out their nation.

The soil's one color nurtures a thousand colors; Both cure and death lie in the same poisonous root; Out of the earth sprout bushes as well as flowers: Both good and evil are born as the same mind's fruit.

All that is good or bad is in us - admit it. Neither one has a fire of its own - now we know. Good and bad go arm in arm! There is no limit, We find, to rising to the heights or stooping low.

BAHTIYAR VAHAPADZE (b. 1925) is one of Azerbaijan's most prominent poets. He obtained a doctorate in philology at Azerbaijan State University, where he subsequently became a professor of modern Azeri literature. His publications include many collections of poems and short stories, plays, travel journals, scholarly articles, and journalistic pieces.
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Author:Vahapzade, Bahtiyar
Publication:World Literature Today
Date:Jun 22, 1996
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