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"Gays" return to risky behaviour. (Canada).

Ottawa--A November 30, 2001, report from Health Canada claims that "gay" men have returned to the risky sexual behaviour that marked the first devastating years of the AIDS epidemic (Canadian Journal of Human Sexuality). In the year 2000, 664 "gay" individuals were diagnosed as new AIDS carriers, up from 584 new ones in 1999.

The study suggests that homosexual activists are less cautious because recent AIDS treatments have lengthened life expectancy significantly (Globe and Mail, Nov., 20/01). There are about 50,000 people living with HIV or AIDS in Canada, compared to 16,000 in the U.K. which has double the population. Canada now even surpasses the U.S. in the rate of new cases per population (Star, Nov. 30/01).

Although health is a provincial responsibility, the federal government alone has been spending $43 million a year on AIDS since 1994. The cocktail of drugs administered to an AIDS patient costs the provinces $70,000 to $80,000 a year per person. At 50,000 ill people this comes to $4 billion a year, a tremendous drain on Canada's health budgets.
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Date:Mar 1, 2002
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