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"GL, make me over!" Seven girls. Seven days. Seven big changes. The outcome? Nothing short of amazing!

We randomly chose seven readers to have a week like none they've ever experienced. While many teen magazines have given girls new haircuts or darker shades of lip gloss, we at GL had to take it a step further. Like, a lot of steps further!

Inspired by hit shows like Made and What Not to Wear, we took seven regular girls, asked them what positive changes they wanted to make and then, in seven days, changed everything--their clothes, their hair colors, their hairstyles, their makeup, their diets, their workouts, even their lives! It was a makeover, inside and out!

On 24-hours notice, we brought everyone to the GL studio to have a "before" photo taken (shown at left). Most of the girls were a bit shy. After all, we had only given them a day to let the news sink in.

The next six days were an exhausting pace of appointments, treatments, consultations and shopping sprees (no complaints there!).

On the last day, our girls came back for their "after" pictures. While all of them look absolutely great, the biggest change is in how they feel: After spending a week with some of the best experts in the country, the girls feel as great as they ever have on the inside because they look and feel their personal best on the outside. Our once-shy crew has blossomed into a group of confident, positive, feel-fab friends. Now that's not just a makeover--that's a complete makebetter!

Ready to kickstart your own transformation? Read on to see what changes the experts made for each girl. Then see what advice they have for you to get your own makebetter going. Write us at GL Makebetter, 4517 Harford Road, Baltimore, MD 21214 to let us know your amazing results. We can't wait to see the new, better you!

Fashion Holland, 13

Holly said, "I want to look less boring and more put together." Suzin's spin The easiest way to bust boring is to find one unique item and work off of it. This lab halter-neck, striped shirt with mini necktie sets the look. A hot-pink (Holly's favorite color!? tee layered underneath gives the shirt a vest effect. Cuffed capri pants don't overwhelm Holly's petite frame. Funky, colorful socks and simple fiats finish the look.


Holly said. "My hair is straight and brown and blab!"

Danielle's 'do Like a lot of girls, Holly had a grown-out bob that lacked shape and style. Danielle cut the top layer of Holly's hair shorter than the bottom layer, so the ends of Holly's hair can now be flipped out. Then she added natural highlights, just a shade or two lighter than Holly's natural color, from the back of the crown to the front.


Holly said, "I need a punchier look!"

Lori's look Lori warmed up Holly's pale skin with a rosy gold blush (Bourjois Blusher in Lane d'Or) and used rosy gold shadow on her lids (Maybelline Holler Color in Cast On Pink). Her lips got the real punch with hot-pink color (Bourjois in Rose Atomic).


Holly said, "I mean to won out but, after school, I am just a couch potato." Josh and Scott's suggestion Holly doesn't have much motivation, so Scott took her through a number of workouts that are fun and effective--hitting a punching bag, kickboxing, using a physioball while doing push-ups, sit-ups and back extensions. Scoff also encouraged her to take a 10-minute activity break while doing homework or watching TV.


Holly said, "I am a super-skinny vegetarian who loves junk food!"

Martica's menu Holly has a varied diet mixed with some good foods and some not-so-good foods. She has excellent calcium intake and eats lots of fruits, vegetables and nuts, a great habit. However, she does not seem to eat enough beans or whole grains such as brown rice. Plus, Holly loves junk (donuts, candy, full-sugar sodas) and wonders why she is always stressed and tired. Hmm, could be too much of these processed, sugary foods. To keep the sugar overload to a minimum, Martica recommends replacing them with more fruits and nuts.


Holly said, "I'm always stressed and tired."

Dr. M's mantra Think about what stresses you out most, then take action! The action you take doesn't have to he big, but it needs to deal directly with what's bothering you. Holly has a hard time getting organized, so she could start by organizing her notebooks, study schedule ... even her closet. To feel less tired, it's important to set a reasonable bedtime and keep to it, even on weekends. Get up at the same time, too.

Fashion Jillian 12

Jillian said. "I'd like to get out of pants and dress cooler."

Suzin's spin Jillian likes to incorporate her love for kitties into what she wears, so when she spotted this cat-print shirt, it was love at first sight! Jillian also loves this amazing mini-jumper, and thigh-high socks give her a leggy look. The ankle-strap wedge-heel shoe carries out the retro modern mood--the perfect complement to her new fab flip.


Jillian said. "I need something fun to do with my relaxed, textured hair!"

Danielle's do Danielle turned Jillian over to Nakisha, who specializes in African-American hair. Nakisha first gave Jillian highlights around her face, then cut long bangs. After parting Jillian's hair, Nakisha corn-rowed part of her head and used a curling iron on the other side to flip Jillian's ends out. Thanks to Nakisha, Jillian is finally out of a ponytail!


Jillian said. "I want a great everyday look I can do in five minutes!"

Lori's look Lori brought out Jillian's eyes with bright pink shadow (Caboodles in Clever) and added black mascara. She then applied Maybelline Blush in Pink Whisper to the apples of Jillian's cheeks and glossed her lips with She She Crush on You. Three minutes flat!


Jillian said. "I only do things on the weekends--swim, dance or tennis." Josh and Scott suggested a number of workouts

Jillian can do at home to break up the weekend-warrior pattern. Jillian now plans to add physioball exercises and to hit the treadmill she has at home a couple times a week.


Jillian said, "My lunch is always fried food. Help!"

Martica's menu Jillian has cereal for breakfast--always a smart choice--and a healthful dinner in the evening. But things fall apart at lunch. Cafeteria staples like French fries and chicken nuggets don't have many redeeming nutrients. She could bring a sandwich (whole-grain bread for more fiber) and then stuff it with really nutritious goodies like veggies and cheese. Jillian says her salad bar at school looks unappetizing, but she should look again. Maybe the lettuce is wilted, but beans, carrots and tomatoes have a long shelf life, and may be quite edible and delicious. Snacking on yogurt and cheese will help her get more calcium.


Jillian said, "l have the worst time-management skills!"

Dr. M's mantra At night, Jillian should make a schedule for the next day and follow it as closely as she can. After a while, she'll get into a routine and won't need a written schedule. Next, she should list all the ways she spends her time during the week, then decide what activities she could eliminate or spend less time doing. The biggest time-wasters? Boring TV, Internet surfing and endless phone calls!

Fashion Christy, 12

Christy said. "I want to change my too-plain style."

Suzin's spin Christine's new funky haircut demands a more trendy style. So Suzin mixed up a tab guitar tee with cropped plaid pants, then added a double-wrap belt, lurex wrist cuffs, and trendy sneakers that really make this fun, casual look rock!


Christy said, "I dyed my hair brown this summer, so now my roots are coming in. And my haircut is kinda bad, so I want it to look better!"

Danielle's 'do Danielle got rid of Christine's roots by deepening her natural color and adding caramel highlights: She then kept Chirsty's length, but added an angled fringe around her face and cut into the ends to add motion and take some weight out.


Christy said. "I want makeup that works with my coloring and features!"

Lori's look Lori used a glittery blue-green eye gloss all over Christine's lids (She She Total Baldwin). Cheeks were warmed up with bright pink shimmer powder (Dirty Girl Shimmer Powder in Pinch-Me Pink). Lips were glossed with iridescent gloss (She She Cosmic Kiss Duo). "Asian girls look great in blues and greens--don't shy away from sheer color!"


Christy said, "I want to feel stronger for tennis."

Josh and Scott's suggestion Physioball exercises should strengthen Christy's back, hamstrings and gluteals. To avoid rotator cuff injuries, Christy now does "waving to the plane," holding a small dumbbell in each hand, three times a week. With thumb down, raise arms out to the sides and slightly forward, like pouring water Out era can. Do 20 times.


Christy said. "I eat well--I love fruit!--but I also drink a lot of soda and probably eat a little too much candy."

Martica's menu Christy is a fruit-a-holic. If only everyone could do this! Fruit is bursting with nutrients. Christy's meals are nutritious and varied, but she's lacking in important nutrients. She has absolutely no calcium all day. She needs to eat more dairy--yogurt, milk and cheese. Christy is also low in B vitamins, which are found in grains, chicken, fish and meat. Cokes and candy are OK on occasion, as long as they are not substitutes for real food. If a candy bar makes her not hungry for a calcium- and protein-filled meal, she should skip the candy bar.


Christy said. "I talk too much--I need listening skills!"

Dr. M's mantra When Christy is having a conversation, she needs to remind herself not to interrupt. She should listen to a person rather than thinking ahead to what she's going to say next. Wait for the other person to pause before responding or starting on a new topic.

Fashion Jill, 12

Jill said. "I love pink and very preppy clothes, but l want to be more hip!"

Suzin's spin There's no denying that the mod '60s look is back! Jill's outgoing personality means she can carry off a bright, bold turtleneck, while the graphic mini lengthens her legs. Silver jewelry takes the place of her usual preppy pearls, and the layered-up fishnet tights, a shiny patent bag and knee-high boots drive the mod point home.


Jill said. I need some volume!"

Danielle's Jill showed up with a bob she'd been growing out.

Danielle took off the dead ends and angled the cut. The front is longer than the back, giving the illusion of volume. Danielle then point-cut the ends to take some weight out and give Jill's hair a fun, piece-y look.


Jill said. "Pink makeup, please! I think I'd look good in it." Lori's look Lori used Lancome 4 Romance shadows, dusting light rose over Jillian's lids, then defining the crease with a darker rose. Using a small, stiff-angled brush, Lori lined Jillian's eyes with a black shadow. Cheeks got Burt's Bees Cream Blush in Pink. Lips got an icy pink lipstick (Wet 'n' Wild in 911B), topped with pink gloss (Pinkie Swear Think Pink).


Jill said. "Believe it or not, I'm a gymnast who needs coordination.!

Josh and Scott's suggestion Josh had Jillian lie on the ground and raise her left leg, right leg, left arm, then right arm. After she was able to raise the correct leg or arm easily, he had her try a combination of two together. Exercise combinations like these improve eye-hand-body coordination. Piano and guitar lessons can also help develop rhythm.


"I do gymnastics four times a week for three-and-a-half hours at a time. I like meat and veggies, but I always eat my iceberg salad first!"

Martica's menu As a gymnast, Jillian needs all the nutrients she can get! Her body needs extra protein, vitamins and minerals. An easy way for her to boost her intake? Add goodies like sunflower seeds and beans (an exerciser best friend) to her salads. She should absolutely have a snack, like a whole-wheat bagel, right before training. Since she is a serious athlete, it would be worthwhile for Jillian to visit a registered dietitian (go to to find one).


Jill said, "My older brothers think they can boss me around because I am the littlest. When I stick up for myself, we get into fights."

Dr. M's mantra It's great to be assertive, but Jillian could improve her relationship with her brothers if she were to go along with their requests sometimes. For example, Jillian could surprise her brothers by leaving the room when they arrive with friends. They might surprise her in return by doing what she wants next time she asks.

Fashion Kyla, 13

Kyla said, "I always wear dresses. I want to wear more pants."

Suzin's spin Suzin showed Kyla how to wear her dresses over pants. The key is to pair an above-the-knee length dress in a non-clingy fabric over slim pants or even jeans, Kyla loves this pinstriped pantsuit. It looks great with everything from a simple T-shirt to a dressy slip dress.


Kyla said, "It's so plain and straight. Help!"

Danielle's do Kyla really wanted to jazz things up, so Danielle did faint mahogany highlights just on the bottom inch of her hair to help them catch the light. Kyla can trim these off whenever she wants to change her look again. Kyla wanted to keep her length, so Danielle just trimmed her but added chunky layers throughout to make the cut more exciting.


Kyla said, "I want to draw more attention to my eyes and mouth." Lori's look Lori warmed up Kyla's skin by dusting on Cat Cosmetic Face Glow in Catalicious. She played up Kyla's eyes with soft pink shadow applied all over (Bloom Eyeshadow in French Pink), and curled Kyla's lashes and gave them two coats of MAC Pro Lash in Coal Black. She played up Kyla's lips with Aloette Lipstick in Fuchsia.


Kyla said, "I want to get into better shape for dance."

Josh and Scott's suggestion Kyla loves to dance, but her balance and coordination were shaky. Scott taught Kyla a number of physioball workouts to help improve her posture, balance coordination and flexibility. Scott also suggested Kyla do step-up exercises to strengthen her legs and hips, key to helping her dance better.


Kyla said, "I think I eat healthfully!"

Martica's menu Kyla said she thinks she eats too much, but she actually doesn't eat enough! She skips breakfast, always a no-no. She loves vegetables and fruits, which is excellent, but she may be missing out on calcium. Kyla should make sure she has cereal, yogurt, cheese and/or milk every day. She says she loves vegetables, but she barely ate any In the week we watched her. We all need to be careful in monitoring what we eat--it's easy to let a whole week pass without eating anything green or one piece of fresh fruit. Remember--five-a-day of fruits and vegetables is key.


Kyla said. "I'm a 'sheep.' I always follow what everyone else says."

Dr. M's mantra Kayla needs to recognize her true feelings in every situation. When her friends say they want to go to the movies, she should think about what she wants to do. Everyone has a great deal of value and should make their opinions known. Your true friends will not dislike you when you assert yourself and show how you really feel.

Fashion Jenna, 13

Jenna said, "I dress like a jock. I want to girl-up for going out!"

Suzin's spin Jenna tell for this fun, girly print skirt, Since Jenna looks great in red, Suzin added this cool '80s-inspired top. Instead of bare legs, she turned the look up a notch with funky tights and ribbon-tie heels. Another tab idea Is to use hair ties and clips as fashion accessories. Those little unexpected details get you noticed.


Jenna said, "My hair is totally boring!"

Danielle's do Danielle added long layers to frame Jenna's face and gave Jenna choppy ends, giving her hair some shape and taking some of the weight out of the thickness. Chocolate--colored highlights around the front draw even more attention to Jenna's face and features.


Jenna said, "I would love to look cool, but natural, at night!"

Lori's look Lori lined Jenna's eyes with Tony & Tina Herbal Glitter Pencil in Black/Silver, then she dusted light beige shadow (Lorac Playin') over Jenna's lids, defining the crease with Lorac Flirt'n. Lori rubbed Alchemy Complexion Gel in Pink Grapefruit on the apples of Jenna's cheeks. Lips got Almay Whipped Gloss in Nude Reflection,


Jenna said, "I'm a super jock, I want to try something relaxing."

Josh and Scott's suggestion Josh taught Jenna a form of martial arts called Qigong, which combines movement and meditation. Jenna practiced visualizations with Josh to enhance her mind/body connection. Qigong will let Jenna reduce stress and help her establish a balance between her mind, body and spirit, bringing her peace.


Jenna said, "I do sports 24/7. I need energy!"

Mortica's menu Between practice, games and PE, Jenna exercises around an hour or two a day. She should start each day with a high-fiber, low-sugar, whole-grain cereal and top it with blueberries. She needs to eat consistently through the day: breakfast, lunch, after-school snack (like slices of fresh red bell pepper or carrot sticks) and dinner. Girls who are serious athletes can have up to 50 percent more calories than others. Jenna could even add another snack before practice to help keep her energy level up (banana, whole-grain sports bar). Gatorade during sports will help keep her hydrated and focused.


Jenna said, "I want to be more comfortable meeting new people."

Dr. M's mantra Jenna ought to think about some conversation starters whenever she's likely to meet new people. She could say something simple, such as, "Hi, my name is Jenna," or, "What school do you go to?" She should seek out someone who's eat surrounded by lots at people--someone who'll be happy to have a conversation initiated.

Fashion Jules, 14

Jules said, "I want funkier clothes that flatter my curves!"

Suzin's spin Fashion is really all about creating an illusion, The groovy striped jeans are the base for Jules' long, lean look. The funky banded-bottom top elongates her torso, while the shapely cord blazer complements her curves.


Jules said, "I want highlights and bangs!"

Danielle's do Danielle started by giving Jules all-over highlights three shades lighter than her natural hair color. She then gave Jules a blunt cut, but added moment and interest by "chipping out" some pieces so it would look more layered. She then gave Jules the fringe-y, angled long bangs she craved.


Jules said, "I want a new look to go with my funky clothes."

Lori's look Lori played up Jules' eyes with Couleur's Nature Duo in Brown Haze, using the lighter shade to highlight and the darker tone in the crease. Cheeks got M.A.C Sheertone Blush in Tenderling, and Lori lined Jules' lips with Julie Hewett Lip Liner in Nude Noir, then added Biotherm Gloss in 75. Braces and strong lip color? Yes!


Jules said, "I try to jog around my neighborhood once a week, but I hate running. What else can I do to lose weight?"

Josh and Scott's suggestion Jules wants to lose about 10 pounds. So Josh taught her a physioball routine and some step-up exercises. He also introduced her to the jump rope and five-pound weights, and advised her to use the steps in her house as a personal Stairmaster,


Jules said, "I'd like to lose some weight."

Martica's menu Jules needs to be mindful of the major weight-gain culprits--soft drinks, processed foods and skipping meals. Soft drinks let you drink in way more calories than you'd naturally eat. In processing foods, the food is scrunched up by eliminating all the fiber, so you get a lot of calories in one bite. For example, you can eat one chicken nugget for the same amount of calories as a big bowl of lentil soup. Think of eating food in its original state--think fresh! Skipping meals. even if you're not hungry, tends to make you eat more later on. So have something for breakfast, even if it's just fruit and yogurt.


Jules said. "When I get in fights with my friends, I say things I regret."

Dr. M's mantra Next time things get heated with a friend, Jules should take a moment to think before saying something. And if she does say something that's not very nice, she should go back as quickly as possible and apologize. Knowing that she needs to correct this behavior might prevent her from saying something mean in the first place.

Your Seven Makebetter Starts Right Here!

Ready to do a whole new you? Or experts have advice you can put into action right now!


Suzin's they-work-for-everyone rules for fabulous fashion ...

* Buy the best quality you can afford. Your stuff will last longer.

* Approach a new trend in small doses, like with accessories.

* Buy clothes that fit--nothing baggy, skimpy, too short or too long.

* If you buy something tab, don't leave the store without something to go with it. You'll end up with a closet full of clothes but nothing to wear.

* Do a couple of knee bends and sit down before buying to check fit.

* When in doubt ... don't!


Danielle's do's for "I love my hair!" results...

* Want instant change? Try switching your part.

* Almost everyone looks better with highlights. For the most natural took. don't go more than three shades lighter than your natural color.

* The easiest way to update a boring bob? Have the top layer cut slightly shorter than the bottom so the ends flip out.

* Long, angled bangs ere really in and look great on almost everyone.

* The hottest look? Take your tare plain cut and break up the boring line by asking your stylist to slightly "chip out" the ends. This will take some weight off your hair for more volume, and your ends will bend in different directions, giving your hair more movement.


Lori's look-great secrets for everyone ...

* No clue at all? No one can go wrong with a silvery-lilac shimmer shadow a little mascara on curled lashes, a berry lip gloss and a cream blush in whatever color comes on your cheeks in the cold.

* Play up one thing. If you put more color on your eyes, keep lips subtle.

* If you have great lips and braces, don't shy away from dark, shiny color!

* African-American girls should start with a yellow-toned concealer one or two shades lighter then their skin. Pinks and plums look great on dark skin, but don't be afraid of pale, soft colors. They look tab too!

* Asian girls look great with well-defined brows (make friends with a brow brush and eye shadow that matches your brow color). Go with a light shadow all over your lids with a medium shade in the crease, a simple pink blush, and bright lip color or shiny gloss to play up great lips!

* For Latin girls, less is morel Stick with a yellow-gold foundation, a golden blush, shimmery shadow a touch lighter than your natural lid color, some black mascara and a berry-colored lip. Perfect!


Think you need a personal trainer or a fancy gym to get in shape? No way! Josh and Scott's five instant fitness boosters ...

* Schedule five sessions a week to work out. Get into the exercise habit!

* If it's too cold outside to walk, use a Stairmaster. Think you don't have one? "Yes, you do," says Josh. "You probably have stairs in your house, and you are their master!" Set a daily goal of 15 minutes of stair-walking, sit-ups and push-ups.

* Get a Jump rope! Use it at one-minute intervals for three to five sets.

* Dreaming of a better body? Change your body and your attitude N0W! You'll see the results by summer.


We'd love to tell you the road to a healthy body, glowing skin and great outlook is paved with soda, chips and chicken nuggets but...

* Figure out what your BMI (body mass index) is by logging on to This will give you s general guideline as to whether you need to lose weight ... or gain.

* Always choose foods that are "in their natural state." The more a food is processed, the less nutritious it is for you.

* Every girl needs five servings of fruits and vegetables a day.

* Need a fast breakfast? Forgo the Pop-Tarts for a piece of fruit.

* Sodas are treats! One is fine but, otherwise, stick to milk and water.


Making a lifestyle change isn't easy--it takes time, persistence and guts. Dr. M's helpful hints ...

* Take an honest look at your life, and decide what you would most like to change. Then, pick one or two realistic actions you can take right away.

* Brainstorm ideas with a friend or relative who will be supportive.

* Focus on small steps so you can feel successful right away. Be patient--each success will allow you to build up to the next bigger step.

* Keep track of how you're changing with a chart or a journal.

* Finally, allow yourself to feel good about those changes--you've taken responsibility for your life!

Our experts!

SUZIN BODDIFORD is GL's vary own fashion director (and diva). Kim Chewning assisted her with the makeovers. All the clothing and accessories are from H&M. All footwear from Payless ShoeSource.

DANIELLE CHADDERTON of DK Salon in Baltimore leads an all-star team (Nicole Burns, Nakisha Green, Melissa Hansen and Michele Stuart-Johnson) for cuts, color and brow-grooming.

LORI CELEDONIA-PRESSMAN is a celebrity hair and makeup artist. She often works on GL shoots.

JOSHUA FINK M.D., F.A.C.P., is a certified personal trainer. He's also a martial arts instructor. Dr, Fink heads The Kids Fitness Club program, which will be available on video and DVD in late February 2004,

SCOTT REILLY SCOTT is a master fitness instructor and fitness director at the Prescriptions for Fitness and The Kids Fitness Club.

MARTICA HEANER, M.A., is an award-winning exercise physiologist, nutritionist and author of Cress-training for Dummies.

HARRIET S. MOSATCHE, Ph.D., (Dr. M) is the author of Girls:

What's So Bad About Being Good? and Too Old for This, Too Young for That! Dr. M is the online advice columnist for the STUDIO 2B Web site ( Her most recent book is Getting to Know the Real You: 50 Fun Quizzes Just for Girls.

Special thanks to Gold's Gym at the Power Plant and Nancy Mugele.
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