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"Frank Perdue, are you telling the truth about your chickens?" (animal rights group challenges Perdue's ads)

"Frank Perdue, Are You Telling the Truth About Your Chickens?"

An Animal Rights Group Challenges Perdue's Ads

Frank Perdue is probably the most successful marketer of processed chickens in the world. Much of his success has been ascribed to the appeal of his advertising. According to some critics, especially animal rights activists, Frank Perdue has "crowed" about the creature comforts of his chickens, that they are like pampered pets living in "resorts" which he describes as "chicken heaven."

In a recent full-page advertisement that appeared in The New York Times, Animal Rights International tagged the Perdue organization and its advertising as "a pile of poultry puffery hiding behind the brutal realities of an inhumane industry ..."

The advertisement outlines a series of charges against Perdue and his processing methods that are designed to affect the appetites of the salivating millions who devour the fowl without pangs of conscience.

"In reality," the accusation reads, "life in Mr. Perdue's chicken `resorts' begins with painful dismemberment and ends with electrocution -- with a lifetime of stress crowded between. (The young bird's beak is burned off with a hot knife to avoid attacks on each other as their stress level rises under severe crowded conditions. Perdue's contract growers of chickens routinely crowd 25,000 to 75,000 birds into one long windowless shed, the Animal Rights group claims.)"

Other accusations range from "yellow skins make healthier chicken food" (achieved, they say, by adding color to chicken feed) to cruelty in the slaughtering system.

The Animal Rights International group also accuses the Perdue organization of being insensitive to the workers' welfare, ignoring injuries and disease contracted in trying to reach production quotas such as processing 75 chickens a minute.

The purpose of the ad, according to the Animal Rights group, is to persuade Perdue to tell the truth about his product and give the birds "some quality of life."
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Publication:Nutrition Health Review
Date:Jan 1, 1990
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