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"For Jews, It's Time to Come Home".

By IsraelWire

A new Israeli organization, Operation Homeward, is calling on Jews around the world to make haste and "come home to the Land of Israel before it is too late." Homeward claims that Jews in the Diaspora might soon find themselves in grave physical danger.

Their 48-page magazine, which is being widely distributed to both Jews and Gentiles, contains a number of warnings from biblical and talmudic sources together with contemporary news items that seem to corroborate their predictions. Homeward says the Jewish People ultimately find refuge and salvation and gain Divine protection by making aliyah.

"We are not proclaiming the end of the world, nor are we predicting the arrival of the Messiah," said Operation Homeward's 42-year-old director, Avraham Sheinman. "What we are saying is that classic Jewish sources indicate that during the Jewish Year of 5760 (which began Rosh Hashanah - Sept. 11, 1999), natural disasters, man-made catastrophes and international conflicts could occur throughout the world in an unprecedented manner. If the stability of society is undermined, the innate hostility that many Gentiles hold towards the Jews will burst forth, and the Jew, in his non-Jewish Diaspora homeland will become an endangered species."

Sheinman was born and raised in Philadelphia and became an Israeli citizen in 1983. He lives with his wife and children in the Samarian community of Har-Bracha, located atop the biblical Mount Geriziem next to the city of Nablus. Like himself, he expects, and demands, that every Jew make aliyah to Israel.

According to Sheinman, "the decision to live in Israel, or remain in the Diaspora is a fundamental obligation binding upon every Jew, and the 'Final Redemption' of all mankind is dependent upon the Jewish People living in Israel while observing the laws of the Torah. He is concerned that, "the 50-year grace period which Diaspora Jews had since the establishment of the Jewish State in 1948, may soon be coming to an end."

Although many rabbis and Torah scholars in Israel's National Religious community welcome Operation Homeward's call for aliyah to Israel, not all Jews are pleased with this message. Most leaders of the established Jewish organizations and federations in the Diaspora, are appalled by the Homeward doctrine. Some segments of the Orthodox Jewish community reject Homeward's position, by claiming that there is no obligation to move to Israel until the Messiah arrives, or at least not until those rabbis, whom they follow, instruct them to leave. For more information, contact Operation Homeward at, or access

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Publication:Israel Faxx
Date:Nov 22, 1999
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