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"Fibre Down" To The Motherboard.

QLogic Corp. is taking the next step in Fibre Channel connectivity by integrating Fibre Channel ports directly into servers and workstations at the motherboard level, without the overhead of host bus adapters that require PCI expansion slots. Sun Microsystems is also contributing to this trend, known as "Fibre Down", with the integration of the QLogic ISP2200 Fibre Channel controller chip into its 900MHz Sun Blade 1000 workstation.

QLogic storage area network (SAN) connectivity products control the flow of data between storage systems, tape libraries, and network servers. Their ISP architecture controller chips are designed for Fibre Channel, the technology that makes large data centers possible. By moving data at rates of up to 2Gbps to hundreds of storage devices across distances up to 20 km, Fibre Channel unleashes the power of SANs.

QLogic simplifies SAN implementations by providing OEMs, system integrators, and resellers with a single point of contact for end-to-end SAN hardware and software. Customer time and resources are saved by providing a complete portfolio of hardware, software, and service components.

"The Sun Blade 1000 workstation is designed to meet the rigorous demands required by the compute-intensive applications of technical computing as well as the heavy lifting necessary for high quality 3D graphics applications," said Fred Kohout, director of marketing, technical market products, Sun Microsystems.

Sun backs its Sun Blade 1000 workstation with more than five years of 64-bit hardware experience. The workstation features the first implementation of the UltraSPARC III and gives twice the performance, memory and disk capacity of existing UltraSPARC II systems.
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Title Annotation:Product Information; integration of the QLogic ISP2200 Fibre Channel controller chip into its 900MHz Sun Blade 1000 workstation
Author:Schultz, Nick
Publication:Computer Technology Review
Geographic Code:1USA
Date:May 1, 2001
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