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"Facial hair was a real embarrassment until I discovered HairAway." ADVERTISING FEATURE; 'Now at last I have no fear of looking in the mirror and have renewed confidence to meet friends and relatives'.

"My name is Claire and I want to share with you my story. As a 50 something woman, facial hair had become a problem that had destroyed my confidence in my appearance. Things had got so bad that I started to avoid meeting with friends and relatives and had in all essence become a bit of a recluse.

"In the past 10 years I had tried plucking, shaving, waxing, messy creams that irritate the skin and even attended a really expensive electrolysis session. Everything worked to a degree but my hair kept growing back and I could not afford continual treatment.

"Then one day I noticed an advertisement in my magazine for HairAway. Being a sceptic, I thought it was highly unlikely that such a low cost product would work for me.

The HairAway advert claimed that it could get rid of facial hair instantly and easily leaving skin soft and clear. The HairAway people say it is 50 times faster than tweezers with a rotating action of 1200 rpm to ensure complete and thorough removal of each hair from the root and help prevent it growing back for weeks not days and they say it even works on fine short hairs too.

"There is even a LED light that illuminates small and fine hairs making removal easier. All this seemed too good to be true but I thought that I would give it a try. After all HairAway is only PS19.95, not a lot of money and it may just work. And I was swayed by the results of the HairAway users survey showing that 91% of users rated HairAway satisfactory or above.

"I ordered by telephone and was surprised to learn that I would receive a 15 piece manicure set as a prompt ordering gift. My HairAway arrived in a couple of days. I popped it on charge (yes it is rechargeable, so no batteries to worry about and no cost).

"I tried HairAway on my problematic upper lip and chin to start with and was amazed at the result.

"More importantly, I am delighted to say that the hair no longer grows back so quickly and when it does the hair is softer and lighter than before.

"I then went on to try HairAway on my legs, under arms, bikini line and tummy with great results.

No stubble, just soft, smooth, skin.

"HairAway goes everywhere with me. It is compact, lightweight and handbag size. With no batteries to buy I save a fortune on replacements." HairAway have conducted a survey amongst users. 91% of users when surveyed rated HairAway satisfactory or above saying:

"Very good, very impressed with HairAway overall. Excellent product. Great value."

"This product was very quick and easy to use, both on my face and under arms."

"Pleased I bought it, quick and efficient when you need it."

"I found this product very easy to use and the effectiveness was very good."

"Very good and easy, feels smooth afterwards and I've recommended it to a few friends, they got it and love it also. Thank you."


Order HairAway within the next 7 days and we'll send you a top quality Manicure and Make-up Brush Set ABSOLUTELY FREE!

Order by Phone, Online or Post the coupon to: Winning Deals (Dept 8029HED14), Unit 9 Romsey Industrial Estate, Romsey, SO51 0HR.

Razors cut hair off at skin surface with the remainder of hair left in follicle to grow back quickly leaving skin rough and stubbly!

Rotating action removes the complete hairshaft from hair follicle leaving skin smooth

100% GUARANTEE If you are not totally satisfied with your purchase, return goods within14 days of receipt for a full refund

REMOVES FACIAL HAIR INSTANTLY, SMOOTHLY, EASILY AND LEAVES SKIN SOFT AND CLEAR. I am ordering within 7 days and claim my FREE Manicure and Make-up Brush Set I enclose Cheque/P.O. (made payable to Winning Deals Ltd, please write your name and address on reverse) for PS or charge my MasterCard/Visa/Maestro/Delta Account. My Card No. is Security Code //Start Date / Expiry Date / Issue No. (Maestro cards) Name Mr/Mrs/Miss/Ms Address Post Code Mobile No. (For delivery advice) Email PRIORITY ORDER COUPON We aim to despatch within 24 hours but please allow up to 14 days for delivery. If you do not wish to receive mailings from other companies, please tick box To: Winning Deals Ltd, (Dept 8029HED14), Unit 9 Romsey Industrial Estate, Romsey, SO51 0HR. Please send me:ITEM PRICE QTY TOTAL HairAway PS19.95 Please add PS4.95 postage and packing to entire order PS4.95 GRAND TOTAL Winning Deals Ltd. Co. Reg. No. 6216792 Co. Reg. Address 8 Exchange Quay, Manchester M5 3EJ. AT HOME WITH SHOPPING (last 3 digits on back of card)


"91% of users when surveyed rated HairAway satisfactory or above"
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Date:Jul 20, 2014
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