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"Early Promote" Is a Win for Sailors.

Top-performing Sailors continue to compete for advancement to E-6 and E-7 at an accelerated rate through a change to the enlisted advancement system.

Last fall, the Chief of Naval Personnel approved a change to the enlisted advancement system that authorizes commanding officers to waive up to one year of the required time-in-rate (TIR) for Sailors in pay grades E-5 and E-6 to compete for advancement.

The TIR waiver is specifically targeted to Sailors performing at a superior level who have received an "early promote" recommendation on their most recent periodic evaluation.

The initiative was approved in August 2000, just in time for the September advancement exam, but giving Sailors little time to study.

However, that factor did not slow down the top performers. About 14 percent of those eligible for the early advancement test were promoted.

During the recent March 2001 exam (Cycle 171), the advancement opportunity for all E-5s going up for E-6 was 17.6 percent. The advancement opportunity for the same population of early-promote personnel who had the TIR waiver was 17.8 percent.

"What a powerful example that performance is being recognized' said VADM Norb Ryan, Chief of Naval Personnel. "So far, it's a win-win situation for our people and our leadership."

The issue of providing incentives for top-performing Sailors to advance more quickly was broached during visits to the fleet, where he continues to solicit ideas and suggestions from commanding officers, command master chiefs and Sailors.

Using the evaluation as a marker of performance, Sailors qualifying as early promote have already been identified as top performers. The program gives commanding officers another avenue for rewarding superior work performance.

For more information on the TIR waiver, see NAVADMIN 221/00 on the BUPERS Web site at
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