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"Demi Ran, Nan," Anna Rimed.

Although end-to-end-palindromic verse that is also rhyming and metrical was pioneered by J. A. Lindon and Howard Bergerson more than three decades ago, very long examples of the form have hitherto occurred only in a short story by George Marvill. Such compositions are not, however, infeasible in reality; the one that follows, in fact, is about twice as long as the longest such effort imagined by Marvill. More challenging than lengthiness in this verse is sensibility, which is courted here mainly at the quatrain level. Briefly, "'Demi Ran, Nan,' Anna Rimed" is a rhyming and metrical end-to-end-palindromic amphigory of 2767 syllables (a convenient length measure) in 92 quatrains whose rhyme scheme is a-b-a-b with double (feminine) and single (masculine) rhymes alternating throughout, none repeating, and whose meter is trochaic tetrameter in alternating 8-syllable and 7-syllable lines. All personal names used are verifiable as spelled here in sources such as baby-name books. Lines are numbered from the central line outward.

"Del, brag? No, Nan! Not as I'm Ed!
 (Demi mad is, Liv!)" Ed drawled.
"Del, 'braw'? Well, in Nita's time, Ed,
 Del waxed Dennis," Pa recalled.

"Del, 'baff'? Fibs, dubs--'tis but slaver!
 Del war took on!" Sidra hailed;
"Del backs art, Mum, God, palaver ..."
 ("Deza fled war ..." Koo retailed.) 176

"Sue, gag Nestor well!" Li wrangled.
 Desa "Bad is sugar?" dazed.
"Sue, gar-nesting, nits-entangled
 Den no car has!" Dane amazed.

"Del gnats draws, Toms ... Toms! No boot tips?
 Den way lax is!" Dewie bayed;
"Del, 'gnar'? Belle, 'star'? Pose astute tips!"
 Des "Sapsago Slade" portrayed. 168

"Relime so, Rom; debone cargos--
 Des, 'sashay' NOT!" Sidra called.
"'Relift,' Eb, big cod embargos?
 Nag, Eb ... Selig!" Shara stalled.

"(On I do rob--nowise page us!)
 Narwals, Ellen, "yap'," Des lied;
"(On I natter! Sam, upstage us!)"
 "Des! Serg ... idled!" I replied. 160

"Reta, cotton no enslaver!
 Des, sess assets!" Dani snarled;
"Rot, Al! 'Legal feline-shaver'?"
 "DESI WAGERS!" Libre gnarled.

"Em yaws so rues ... O, hosanna!
 Des? I'm Russel!" Sidwal fibbed.
("Em, yap not, now ..." tips Dianna.)
 "Des! Sol gadded? "" Etta ribbed. 152

"Resoled, oldish sin-abider"
 Des sobbed "Suez!" Fleet Alf fussed,
"Resum Astin? Sue, Rip's nidor!"
 Deree jelled cod. Simah cussed.

Went O'Gill, "It's trade-born evil!
 Der, eel stew is Deuce-reviled!"
Went on Rowen's "Burmese weevil,"
 "Den!? Pernod!'" Bardo smiled. 144

"So Dan 'rot' was--it's a labor!
 Deng is red-led!" Eda fired;
"So! Dab Mag 'stunk'?? Nita, saber!"
 Dell eyed inseams. Sal Deb sired.

"Ninety also?" hiccups Evah.
 "Del lewd tapes runs!" Nat assailed;
"Nine men in, Di, drag sung 'Siva'!"
 "Del, Lot salt 'as!" Reva wailed. 136

"Sit, bed-nixer! ... Xerxes' pollen,
 Delos? No, cur!" Del distilled.
"Si's Sass lewd is! ... Nita? Fallen! ..."
 Derogating, Ade time killed.

Rerips Ada, "'Con'-debater
 Der, oblige us--sit relaxed!
... Rerime, Beryl, 'scintillator' ..."
 ("Dega gnats keels!" Ag rude waxed.) 128

"Ana, nab pot!" "nob-enrober"
 Dega ranted. Nan revived:
"Ana, I'd 'nip' ... Matson's sober!
 Delia ran it--Stu connived!"

"Gad, 'yak odor' ... Fog is direr!
 Del a 'germ' is," Noris dubbed;
"Gad, Yale Demos--an admirer?? 121
 Den nuts draws, Kaye!" Tart surfs blubbed.

"Retta, fatten Red no wider--
 Den, nude, vets keels," Nadya panned;
"Retta, not to 'nim a spider,'
 Den Nepal led; spas Stan banned."

("'Red nerd,' am I? 'Drag on, tapir'??
 Denney's I'll end!" Lane resolved;
"Red Nevadan hairy-aper
 Del upsets, eh? ...") Tales evolved. 112

"Hanna vast carts crude manila!
 Del, we matter!" Tasma snowed;
"(Anna, Eb's drain-no, vanilla!")
 "Deni fed rage, Rae!" cads crowed.

"Ann, air A.M.s!" went on Helen.
 Deni "Poe" saw. Ase rehearsed:
"A 'nay'! Ugo's not 'fat,' felon! ..."
 "Del 'rugs' wore, Sid!" Des reversed. 104

Reva ran, raw ... Enfiladed,
 Del Rik's "dismal lire" plied--
"Rev" Alon saw Mory bladed!
 "Del ways knows, kids," Bo sung, snide.

"Haya led, not Del? Do yatter!
 Del lags, sometimes ... Row!" Di hazed;
"Hayer, felines, sadly, matter ...
 (Del, O Jacobs, I debased!)" 96

"Ruta cedes, or ... nip macadam !
 Del lops, I lop!" Netta prosed;
"Rot! A 'lunar, garish, sad dam'?
 Des, sip tap slop!" Sides opposed.

"Al, Liv start on Rettah's melon ...
 Des? Sims' id's ill!" Ives misled;
"(Al, Liz dogs me: 'Lame keen Kellen!' ...)"
 "Dev or Per bats," Simon said. 88

"Lay Alf's lip upon a clove, sir-Dev,
 omit 'Taps'!" Reva crabbed;
"Lay, Art, Eb on nylon wove, sir ..."
 Deb Balboa Mo's trade grabbed.

(Did Rod "slam" Sid, for a wager?)
 "Deb bats last, Rik!" Deitra pined.
(Did Ros saw "raw"? Was I sager? ...) 81
 "DEL 'LULLED' EMIL!" Snoop maligned.

"(Al, let's Del diss--I'm a diva! ...)
 Del lugs loofahs, Sue!" Rob scorned;
"(Al, let Afton yell, "O, VIVA!' ...)"
 "Del a rat is!" Si gals warned.

"Rot! Art's no mere 'demonstrator'--
 Del, lap Pavel!" Dotti hissed;
"--Rotatively, revelator!"
 "Del a ... pard is!" Delbert "dissed." 72

"Remate Belah? Peer-confider
 Del, I awe belles!" Rob allayed.
"Rima, nag not! Dorm-insider
 Dema fed Ned!" Del betrayed.

"Revolt! Caper! Even revel!
 Demi, Al cedes!" Aaron spilled;
"Rev, oh son, Stan! Liven Lev, El!"
 ("Del, Lew lewd is!" Rod instilled.) 64

"Em? A damsoned imitator! ...
 Del, Lem's tartan was derived!
... 'Mad dab,' am I? Detonator!
 (... Deva ran, Al!)" Tonto jived.

"'Relic'? I'm 'odd,' Amon-dialer?
 Dev 'arcane' is!" Eda jawed;
"Rely, Tris, on one reviler ..."
 "Der! Rupiahs!"' Sita cawed. 56

"Tab! Oh, liar! 'Dine down under'?
 (Der, rum Ed lifts!") Ed, lost, limned;
"Tab, old loner, bards may wonder--"
 "Deb, bold Reg won wars!" Lee hymned.

Ryta, swart, swam ... "Mug, dismay me!"
 Deb bossed Emils. Sita fleered,
"Retta, Pisa! Draw naves' rami!"
 "Des 'revalue, "Tess?" "Rat" sneered. 48

"... So Ma snide was, Der: 'Eve slay Al?
 Des, rucks I fled!'" Ker detailed;
"So, Mae, kill Ed ... (Did I say 'Al'?)"
 Demi Amis "garbage" mailed.

"Mull, Eb, Etna's awe ... Si, lava,
 Demi, Al called 'sun'!" Gwen knelled;
"Mull, Evanna, now Ungava--"
 "Des, sap Russel!" red Les belled. 40

"Derek, Cid 'ailed' ... Rey was 'tepid' ...
 Dessa glib is! ... Sit!" Sol yarred.
Derek, cindered, sat, intrepid ...
 "Den, Rae yatters!" Ali sparred.

"An Oz, Irah, Surabaja--
 Den rubs amahs!" Sidni faxed.
"An 'Ole'..." crabs idle Maya.
 "Der rates 'acrid'!" Dahlia taxed. 32

"'Sit'? Ill is not Saheel, bender!"
 ("Derran, Grey was begged, "Lu owned.)
"'Sit'? I rue, no, gladness-ender!"
 ("Del, I fed Ed ade!" I groaned.)

"Reta, Beryl's made to order--
 Deli 'uglied' Si!" Rae filed.
"Retarred, icy lion-warder
 Deb bags sordor!" Stevi riled. 24

"Red 'ired,' Ela, my rotator?
 --Deb! Bajadas!" Ti delayed;
"Red "iced' Emo's decorator? ..."
 "Dey, Ev nocks!" Modest relayed.

"Name Tal's Astra drab, dude-mirer!
 Eda bit Tod!" Lex averred;
"Name Tab as a 'red-inspirer'! ..."
 "Denni's not 'lit,' Del!' Deene erred. 16

"O, Neronian nail! O, gnomon!
 Denni, Deng is raw!" Nap maced;
"On I rot, Mede--it's an omen! ..."
 ("Deron, gig Em!" sot Tom laced.)

"Otter Olwen, Kyle's a blender--
 Deron's 'arid' !" Nan refined;
"Otter Bill lams, Sam? Snap slender
 Dex!" Elf-hater Del, too, tined: 8

"Revie-ceder Ned enabled
 Dex!" Evander Evee paged:
"Rev, I anger! Si came sabled! ..."
 ("Dex, I'm Dayak," Nell assuaged.)

"I'm, alas, sere--help me, Tyson!"
 Dex in setose sopor pled;
"I'm a naif, fur-faced bison--
 'Depilate' me, taliped!" 0

"No, sib! Decaf ruffian ami,
 Del proposes," Otes nixed.
("Nosy Temple, here's salami,
 'Degauss' Allen," Kay admixed.)

"Del-base Mac is--Reg, naiver!"'
 Dega-peever Edna vexed;
"Del! Ban Eden, redeceiver!"
 Deni tootled. Retah flexed. 8

Red, Nels pans Ma's small libretto:
 "... Deni, Fern and Ira 'snored'?
'Red Nel' 'basely knew" Loretto?
 'Decal mottos' Meg 'ignored'?..."

"Nemo 'nastied,' Em, Torino?
 Decamp, Anwar!" Signe dinned;
"No, Mongolian nai--no Reno!"
 Derree needled, "Tilton sinned!" 16

"'Rerip' Snider as a 'bateman'??
 Der, rev 'Axel'!" Dotti bade;
"Rerime, dud bard! Art's a slateman!'"
 "DEY ALERTS ED!" Omsk conveyed.

"Rot! A roc, Ed? Some Decider
 Dey Al edits!" Ada jabbed.
"Rotatory male-derider
 Deli rivets Rod!" Ross gabbed; 24

"... Redrawn, oily cider-rater
 Del, I fear, is deil-guiled ...
Red-root Edam, sly rebater!"
 "Dena orgied!" Ade defiled.

'"Redness end,' Al? 'Go, neuritis'?
 Den would egg Eb!" Sawyer gnarred;
"'Red neb!! Lee has tonsillitis!!' ..."
 "Dex a tail had, Dirc!" Ase tarred. 32

("Ay? A 'meld' is Barcelona?
 Dex a find is!" Shamas burned.)
"'A 'jab? 'A' rush? Arizona??
 Der, rap Silas!" Retta yearned.

"Di, 'pert Nita's' Der!" Ed nickered.
 ("Der, Ray lost is!" Sibil gassed.)
"Di, pet Sawyer!" Delia dickered.
 Dell, Eb's elder, Les surpassed. 40

"Ava, gnu won? Anna, vellum! ...
 Del, Len 'knew gnus'!" Della claimed.
"Ava, Lise was antebellum,"
 Delia "megabrag" Si maimed.

"Lay as I did, Del--like Amos!
 Del, I ate drek! ... DEL?" Fisk cursed.
"...Lay, Al, severed--sawed in Samos! ...
 Der, e'en stars set!" Eula versed. 48

"I'm arse-vanward as I patter--Der,
 eel fat is slime!" Des sobbed;
"Em, yams I'd gum--" "Maw straw, satyr!
 Den, my heel's raw now!" Gerd lobbed,

Red now; "Yams, drab Renold, lob at
 Dent." Milt's oldest, Fil, demurred:
"Red nun, Woden I'd rail 'Hob!' at ..."
 "Dew a cat is, Sha!" I purred. 56

"Relive Reno? No, Sir Tyler!"
 (Dew, a jade, Siena craved ...)
"Relaid 'nomad domiciler'
 Devi, 'jot' NOT!" Lana raved.

"Rota-noted, I'm a 'bad dam'?"
 Devi "red" saw! Nat "rat" smelled:
"Rot! A 'timid' Enos, Madame--"
 "Dell, it's nidor!" Sidwel welled. 64

"Level, Nevil--Nat's no shover!
 Del lips Nora!" Ase declaimed;
"... 'Lever' never, 'epact-lover,'
 Dey Art! "Eb led!" Den defamed.

"Red is Nimrod, Tongan amir!
 Dey, Al labors!" Elle bewailed;
"'Red-if-no-creep' Hale, be tamer--
 Des! Sid trebled!" Sidra paled. 72

"Rot, Al, every 'levitator'--
 Des, Si hit Tod!" Lev appalled.
"Rot! Art's no 'Mede remonstrator'--
 Den raw slag is!" Sita raled.

"Avi, 'volley' not fat Ella! ...
 Den, rocs bore us!" Sha fools gulled;
"Avid Amis sidled Stella?"
 "Deng, I lampoon slime ..." Del lulled. 80

"Reg--as I--saw war was sordid;
 Deni partied Kirt!" Sal stabbed;
"Reg a 'war of dismals,' Dor, did ..."
 "Deb barged Art so ..." Mao blabbed.

"Rise! Vow 'no,' Lyn--no betrayal!
 Deb, bar 'cavers'!" Patti moved;
"Rise, volcano pupils! Flay Al!"
 "Dia's no 'miss'!" Tab reproved. 88

"Nelle, knee Kemal--Em's Godzilla!
 Del? Sims' evil!" Lis dismissed;
"No, Lem, shatter not 'Rat's' villa--"
 "Des opposed is!" Pol spat, pissed.

Mad dash! "Sir! A 'granulator'--
 Des-or *Patten*?" Polis polled.
"Mada! Camp in rose Decatur!
 Des abed is ..." Bo cajoled. 96

"Retta-Mylda's 'senile,' Freyah?
 Deza hid worse!" mite Moss galled.
Retta yodled, "Ton-de-lay-ah! ..."
 "Edin's gnu sobs!" Dik's wonks yawled.

Dedal Byrom was no laver ...
 "Deil peril--lam!" Sid skirled;
"Dedal (if new) Arn, a 'raver,'
 Des reversed, Di!" Serows gurled. 104

"'No Left,' Afton? So Guyana! ...
 Des Rae here saw ..." Ase opined;
"Nel, eh? Not news ... Marianna?"
 ("Dew, 'orcs' dace are," Gar defined.)

"All in Avon 'bards' be, Anna--
 'Dew' on Sam sat!" Retta mewled;
"Al, I name Durc's tract...' Savannah'!"
 "Dev loves 'Elath'!" Estes puled. 112

"Repay Riah nada, vender!
 (Dev, lose Renald!)" Nellis yenned.
"Rip at no gar, Di, mad render!...
 Den, nab Nat's saps!" Della penned.

"Redip, Sam!!...Not to natter,
 Denna, pay Dan!" sleek Steve dunned;
"(Red, I wonder...Netta fatter?)" 119
 "Deb, bulbs frustrate yaks!" Ward stunned.

"'Rerim,' Dana? (Some delay, Dag...)
 Deb, Bud's iron!" Sim regaled;
"(Rerid Sig of Rod!... Okay, Dag??)"
 "Devin, no cuts!" Tina railed.

"Reboss!--No, stamp!--'INDIANA'!"
 Devi, Vern (and Etna) raged.
"Reborn, Eb, on 'Top Banana,'
 Dex awed Urga!" sleek Stan gaged. 128

"Rot! Al 'lit Nic's lyre,' bemirer?
 Dex alert is, Sue!" Gil bored.
"Reta, bed no cad-aspirer,"
 "Del-like mite" Dag Nita gored.

"Nella 'fat' in Sidwel's Sass is?
 Dell, it's idle!" Dru consoled;
'"Nel lops "ex" Rex!'...'Rex in debt is!'...
 'Delia wavers!'... 'Atlas tolled!'..." 136

"Avi's gnus, Gar, did nine men in?
 Delia's Satan's nurse!" Pat dwelled.
("Ha, Vespucci! Ho, slay TEN in
 Deri's BED, lass!" Mae, snide, yelled.)

Reba sat in Knut's gambados ...
 "Der, I faded!" Elder signed;
"Rob--alas, Ti!--'saw tornados'!"
 "Del, I'm so drab ..." Don repined; 144

"Live ewes Em rubs, 'new or not new' ..."
 ("Del I've 'recued'," Si, wet, sleered.)
"Liv enrobed Art; still, I got new--"
 ("Des! Such amis!" "Doc" Delle jeered.)

"Rod! Inspire us, nits-amuser! ...
 Des, sufflate elf 'Zeus'!" Deb bossed.
Red, I banish Sid: "Lode-loser!"
 Debbi ratted, "Edda glossed! ... 152

"Anna, I'd spit won ton--pay me!"
 ("Debbi flaw'd is ..." Les surmised.)
"Anna, Soho's euros sway me!"
 "Del ran gerbils!" Rega wised.

"Revah, 'senile flagellator'
 Del ran sin ads!" Tess assessed.
Reval's "Neon [not to cater]
 Deil-Per!," Del, digressed: 160

"Sue gats pumas, Retta! Nino,
 'Deils Ed pay!' 'Nelle's Law' ran.! ..."
(Sue gapes: "I won Borodino? ...")
 "Dell, at Sarah's ..." Giles began.

"So grab Medoc ..." "Gibbet-filer! ..."
 "Dell a card is ..." "Tonyah sassed!"
"So grace no bed ..." "Morose miler! ..."
 "Dey, Art roped Al!" So gas passed. 168

"Spite!" tuts Aesop. "Rats!" Elle brangled.
 "Dey Abe, I wed six, "Al yawned.
"..Spit, too, bons mots--mots Ward's tangled,"
 Deza maenad Sahra conned.

"Del, gnat-nesting nits enrage us!
 Deza, drag us!" Sid abased;
"Del 'gnar' will, Lew--rots engage us! ...
 Del, I ate ROOK!!" "Raw?" Del fazed. 176

"REVA, LAPDOG MUM," Trask cabled.
 "Delia hard is, no?" Koo trawled.
"Reval stubs its buds," Biff fabled.
 "Del lace 'raps' in, Ned!" Dex awled.

"Deem it satin!" nil Lew warbled.
 ("Del, ward devils!" Ida mimed.)
"Demi sat on--?" Nanon garbled.
 "Demi ran, Nan," Anna rimed. 184


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