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"Corral windows." (window design)

"Corral windows'

To enjoy the precarious views from theirridgetop site above the Pacific, the owners of this Malibu, California, house wanted large expanses of glass--without sacrificing a sense of security and enclosure. Designer Tony Spencer came up with a novel solution: a sort of corral window, with ribbons of glass separated by fence-like boards.

Used in several places throughout thehouse, the windows meet energy-code limits on the amount of glazing while giving the effect of transparent walls. In fact, the window walls are only about half glazing.

Separating the strips of glass are 2-by-6sset 8 inches apart. Mortised into 4-by-4 posts, the hefty boards give owners Jean and Jack Spencer--the designer's parents --the feeling of safety they want.

The horizontal lines of the corral wallslead to the front door, which is tucked under a balcony (shown at left). Two-story light wells flank the entry. To smooth the transition from inside to outside, railings on the bridge-like hallway over the entry--and outside railings surrounding the balcony and a U-shaped rear deck--line up with the window rails.

Photo: Fence-like boardsgive entry the look of a tall corral. Flanking front door and upstairs balcony, two-story shafts let light in, open views out

Photo: Open yet enclosed, see-through walls keep glassexpanse down by alternating 8-inch-wide ribbons of glass and 2-by-6 wooden rails. Rails align and share dimensions with hand railings inside and out
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Date:Apr 1, 1987
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