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"CitiesGoGreen" from Verde Publishing.

Verde Publishing (Bellingham, WA) has begun the publication of "CitiesGoGreen," a new monthly magazine and accompanying web site designed to help municipalities and local governments "become sustainable as quickly and effectively as possible." The new magazine has a controlled and paid circulation of 6,500.

The company said the magazine and web site are targeted to local government officials because cities are small enough to change and are laboratories for new policies and approaches. They are also generate the majority of carbon dioxide and other pollutants, use the most water, food and energy, decide how development is shaped and can provide the needed leadership for environmental change, Verde said.

Content includes coverage of all areas that affect the environmental impact of city and local governments on the environment and the ways in which those governmental entities can advance efforts at sustainability. Editorial covers air quality, building codes, energy, financing, foreclosure, gardens and urban agriculture, green jobs, lighting, new products, street lights, training and transportation.

Initial issues include case studies of successful approaches of municipal sustainability, and articles and commentary on topics such as: sustainable transportation, EPA clean energy guidelines, new environmentally-friendly roof times, climate protection, funding for local-level solar installer training, electric cars, composting laws, solar street lights, green workforce training, and preventing foreclosures.
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Date:Jun 1, 2009
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