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"Caring ...".

A word much loved by the left in this country. They CARE ...

I submit to you: the major difference between the founders of old and the current generation is that they, the founders, cared.

And, judging by the current crop of Americans, we do not care.

Else we'd get off our duffs, and make liberty safe again. Instead of letting the radical left run the country.

Of our two political parties, one is already in the hands of the radical leftists, and the other doesn't have a clue, lining up to board the boxcars which will take them to Treblinka.

Can you name one segment of the country not controlled and dominated by the left?

Maybe the media? (Yep, there are a few bright spots, but the majority of Americans still sit in their chairs in front of the telly, soaking up the latest liberal slant.)

Maybe Hollywood? I don't think so, although some movies are surprisingly non-PC in depicting certain groups more realistic than the norm. You can see words and stereotypes used in movies and music which can't be used in any other cultural context in this country.)

Ask yourself: How can a few thousand LGBT activists set the cultural agenda, while 60 million gunowners cannot?

Simple. They are motivated to get off the couch, and the 60 million gunowners are not.

Simple, and sad.

And don't you wish those gunowners (huh, one may even be you) would get off the couch, and start setting the agenda?

A passive, lethargic group which believes it's a heroic supreme effort to actually get off the couch and vote. To join the NRA is an order of magnitude beyond them. Go to an Appleseed? Not bloody likely! Too much trouble. Too much time. Too much effort. Too much everything.

And the ship continues to sink.

So if the future is dark, it is dark because we are who we are, and what we are willing to do--or not do.

Ten years of promoting Appleseed in these pages has been an education.

You'd think people sitting on the deck chairs of a sinking ship--one they know is sinking--would leap at the chance to fix it. So when someone comes down the deck, saying, "Let's do it. Let's stop this ship from sinking!" and has a plan to do it--you'd think there'd be some response. People leaping out of the deck chairs, people rolling up their sleeves, people expressing determination to fix things before it's too late.

Friends, welcome to modern America.

They--too many of them--will not get out of the deck chairs. Lazy, ignorant, apathetic? Nothing new about that.

Still, to our shame we are talking about Americans, here. Special people. Sons and daughters of the people who built this country. The inheritors of those who fought an 8-yr bloody war on a shoe-string--just to win something not too important to us 'moderns': Liberty.

Tsk, tsk. [Sorrowfully shakes head--what else can you do?]

Sure, it's a shame--a crying shame--but in a country where "shame" as a concept no longer exists.

But who cares?

And the answer seems to be, "no one"--at least about the sinking ship.

Now, the right of men to use the ladies rooms?--Men who believe, inside, that they are women--now, that is something worth fighting for. (I make no judgement, here, simple pointing out what issues are important to modern Americans--and what issues are not.)

So we have the odd image of a sinking ship where the few passengers who care--care about who can use what bathrooms!

If you'd not laughing, you should be ... no point in crying, right?

Of course, you could get off the couch, and roll up your sleeves ... and come to an Appleseed.

It's always possible ... The future is not yet set. The future is what we make it.
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Publication:Firearms News
Date:Apr 10, 2016
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